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    Looking for a (xbox 360) clan

      Im just looking for a clan to play with maybe get well known and own the clan world not a bad player hmu if you want to test me or something im 16 mature and if your any younger than me don't bother asking im not interested.

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          Re: Looking for a (xbox 360) clan

          I'm younger than you but I'm the youngest, the rest are older than you.  Our win/loss ratio is great and we have some truly great players.  Let me know if your interested.

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            Re: Looking for a (xbox 360) clan

            Elite Thugz is a non serious clan that is looking for new members to join it's ranks. We have 33 members with a clan KD of 1.2 and we're clan level 15, almost 16.
            We are mainly UK and USA based but have members from various locations too. Our members are mainly made up of adults but there is the few younger members, ages range from 11-50. A good level of maturity is needed tho.
            This clan consists of members that have played together for over several years including BLOP's 2 (clan lvl 50) and MW3 (clan lvl 46) which means we have a good circle of friends that know how to joke with each other and we don't fall out.
            We're looking to do as much of clan wars to win in game content as possible and want members that will help us out doing this, if you feel you can/want to help us then we'd want you.
            If you'd like to join then pls apply via the Ghosts app (clan name Elite Thugz) or msg me (Fatigue Psycho) for a clan invite via XBL, I will respond asap, everyone accepted, no try outs etc. Our main goal is to play for fun, do the clan wars and build a good community of COD lovers.
            Here is our FB group too, https://www.facebook.com/groups/570267663066586/

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              Re: Looking for a (xbox 360) clan

              HAVOC_ELITE is now recruiting.  We are currently looking for active members that play on a regular basis.  We are competitive and above all play to win, if this is something that you’re looking for you can hit up on XBL OG RafRif.

              All recruits looking to join can also apply on our website havocelite.enjin.com. Username on website must be your gamer tag as this is how you will be listed as a member once accepted.

              ·         Clan Level 17

              ·         50+ Members

              ·         Must have a K/D of 1.0+

              ·         Must have a mic

              ·         Clan Tag HOAX(HavocOverAllXistence)

              ·         Available to participate in Clan Wars

              ·         Flexible to play both HC and Core during Clan Wars

              “Wreckin Havoc”

              “Havoc Over All Xistence”

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                Re: Looking for a (xbox 360) clan

                Hey dude whats up check us out at Ai-hq.com

                we have already won a clan war and we have over forty members between xbox and ps3.

                There is a group of us that plays everynight on xbox so we are pretty active so if you want check out our website or you can add my GT DISAST3RBLAS3R

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                  Re: Looking for a (xbox 360) clan

                  Want to be in a real clan? Message me on Xbox 360: Mr TriiHard

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