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        70. Re: PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

        Dude I understand your stuff but alot of your complains like fov changer is just bullshit its not here... it is here just check esl site...

        FOV changer up to 90....

        Search better before you complain ty

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          71. Re: PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

          Game plays beautifully @2560x1440 on a single 7970 highest settings; 60-70fps...not so good (so far) on Crossfire X...looks good with FOV Changer.

          Best of the COD series.  Enjoying the SP way more than ALL the BF, COD or Crysis series!

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            72. Re: PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

            What are you smoking?

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              73. Re: PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:


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                74. Re: PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

                100% correct, but you forgot the most important thing for multiplayers:

                Hackers everywhere and NO VAC or other anticheat system.

                They don't care about the game, they develop a game, all maps, split maps to make more money.

                When it is released and somewhat stable they develop a new game to make money.


                There should be


                Ded. Servers from the beginning

                A Subscription fee, only via Credit Card

                18+ Verification

                Ingame Support

                and instant bans via a support Team Monitoring.

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                  75. Re: PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

                  You're totally right, also the game doesn't support a decent controller for the pc.
                  I just bought one, it works on ps3, it works on other games for the pc, BUT NOT FOR GHOSTS. Like they decided that you can only use Xbox controllers, IW is just one big joke. I hope that they react to some of this or even look at the forums. I doubt, by looking at the game itself, that they listen to the players, pc in particular!

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                    76. Re: PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

                    In ALL the games I've tested or played...the ONLY game that the community absolutely prevents hacking/cheating is Dystopia 1.4, unless "hacking" is one of the game's objectives in cyperspace.  Multiplayer comes and goes and we always move on to the next game hoping things will change...never does...except in the aformentioned game!

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                      77. Re: PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

                      Indeed, if we paid $1 a week for this, and could cancel at a moment's notice for bad experience / hackers / crashes then we WOULD get good support


                      QED: no money, no support


                      IW claim to be banning hackers, so WHY WON'T THEY publish a running number of "hackers banned" on the load screen and a scrolling "LIST OF SHAME" by country?


                      QED: there is no anti-hacker provision as there is no evidence of any such thing


                      PC conversion is a crock of donkey doo doo. Poor GFW even on a R9 290X include:

                      • pop-ins (VERY ANNOYING as your eye is looking for the tiniest movement)
                      • ghosting
                      • lag
                      • tearing
                      • smearing
                      • shoddy anti-aliasing
                      • low frame rates

                      This is why, I think, the FOV was capped at 65degrees - they knew the engine could not render the map distances if FOW was expanded to 90 degrees.


                      Yet survival in fast paced shooters is all about peripheral vision, map knowledge and reaction speed. FOV is vital!


                      QED: the map size is at the root of most of our problems


                      This appears to come not only from a poorly optimized engine (Quake II guts v Frostbite which was written from the ground up = No Contest) but also from the initial design decision error of BIGGER MAPS. That was an error because COD is NOT about BIG MAPS. It is a quick run and gun game, not a crawl and snipe game. Big maps reward snipers and punish runners, doubly so in hardcore. Big maps doubly punish the crappy underlying engine.


                      QED: IW watched too much BF and forgot they were making COD


                      That bad design decision has been made far far worse by the increased ADS times and artificial "mass" and "inertia" of weapons. So you have to hip spray, because, in hardcore at least, you will be dead before you can ever hope to ADS. That means the 'tards who put a marker pen dot on their screen center are winning every game now. Basically you have to creep about and the excitement is totally gone.


                      QED: the bad choices mount up and kill the experience


                      Then, it is all made even worse as, most times when you die, you have almost NO IDEA why or how you just died. You know where, but not why, and that makes tactics against snipers and distant enemies in the long grass really really hard to develop. Hackers love this, as they can camp for "nuke killstreaks" and have no risk of ever being flushed out.


                      QED: this is a bad console port, if not in core code, then in design mandate


                      The splitting of the community over PC, Xbone and PoS4 was compounded by having too many game modes. At least 15 modes exist. Across 3 platforms. So if you have 10,000 CoD lovers in your area, you will only find about 1/50th of them in your game mode at any one time, or about 200 people. Assuming they are online for about 2 hours each a day, you are only going to find about 20 online each time you go on. That is a DISASTER for PC gamers as the brain-dead P2P system then reaches further and further. Just think about the INSANE lag cap in the game: 800ms. 800 F***ing ms is enough time for an electrical signal to go HALFWAY TO THE MOON. A TCP/IP packet can go all the way around the world in 200ms. All the way. Add (say) 50ms for switching and overheads.


                      The fact is that IW have TOTALLY C**KED up the P2P system, totally misjudged the number of viable modes, totally misjudged the pattern of play and then panicked and set some ludicrous upper caps that we are not allowed to change.


                      QED: P2P as currently implemented CANNOT WORK

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