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    Looking for a clan (Xbox 360)

      Hey guys I'm looking for a clan. I tried this once but it did not really work out so I will try again. I am 21 and I'm from the United states. I have a 1.30 k/d and a 1.26 w/l playing on my own. I am looking for a decently good clan, but also a clan that actually plays with each other. That was the problem with my old clan. There were 40 members but could never get a game with any of them. So if this sounds like your clan send me a message and friend request on Xbox live my gamertag is King frosty x. You can respond back to this post also, but if you respond to this post with a generic reply that you post to everyone looking for a clan, I will overlook it. I want to see that i will actually communicate and play with you guys. Thanks!