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    CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

      Sucks seeing all of this negative stuff about Ghosts and how people are not enjoying it, I feel that it has some thing to do with not being fully involved in the game and understanding the reasoning behind some things. Every argument Ive been reading towards Ghosts is a mere misunderstanding of the purpose of something. All of these arguments seems like they're noobs writing who simply are not very good at the game and are struggling to get better, sure partying up and playing is catching like wild fire and is annoying people but its all the more reason to get involved, get some buddys of your own, party up and kick ass in stead of folding. I feel as if the IW CoDs have steadily progressed over the years with no REAL failures......but the community is simply not what it was. No questions asked. I love the way this game plays and enjoy playing it, I my self am not even entirely envolved in this game and still love playing. I think that most who don't like it, don't understand it.........your thoughts?

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          1. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

          I spawned inside the lethal radius of a grenade the other day.  Not much to understand about that.


          I also don't understand why Ghosts runs on the same damn engine as MW2, but has game breaking latency issues that MW2 didn't have.


          I also don't understand why features were completely removed for absolutely no reason.


          You can call it a "misunderstanding" if you want, but I think most people would tell you that CoD has been going the wrong direction since IW left to form Respawn.

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            2. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

            I made a thread back when it was first released, called fun vs function. It discussed that even if a game is for the most part functionally correct, it does not mean it is fun in comparison to other games. People play primarily for fun, so if you have to choose between some obsessive principle, or allow players to be as wacky and crazy-face as they truly desire, the successful game is the one that allows players to be as wacky and crazy-face as they want to be without punishment.


            Players do not want a game to feel like work. Players want a game to be relaxing. That means, players should be able to have fun without constant thought, and if they choose to think more deeply either for more elaborate tactics, or to attempt some extremely difficult task known only to them, than that is their perogative.


            Does that sound like Ghosts? If your honest, you would likely have to say No. Therein lies the issue.  It is generally fun only for players of a small niche. Niche games cannot maintain populations of flagship franchises that CoD tries to maintain. Players cannot be blamed, and are not going to change their playstyles simply because a small niche group considers ghosts to be amongst the better of the CoD games.


            When it comes to the hype and ratings of the game, as much as big fans of the game love to blame the players, you do not get to blame the players. The reason for this, is the ratings and hype of a game come directly from the players themselves. Just because you like a particular game does not mean it gets special protection from the status quo of the standard ratings system. I understand you are sad that the style of gaming you enjoy is a niche market, rarely rearing its head in gaming, rather than a more general market flagship experience, but that has happened to many styles of gaming in the past. Get used to it.

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              3. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

              Well when you want to make a "new version" of the same game without repeating past games sometimes you make the right choices and sometime you make the wrong choices.


              you are going to get hate no matter what choice you make. There are some that like a game and there are some that dont, but they arent going to make a game 100 percent perfect for you.


              Just like the bad things in life I try to avoid them or ignore them and concentrate on the good things. If the bad things outweigh the good things then I will return it. But at least I make myself responsible for the choices I have made. I just bought Angry Birds Star Wars for twenty bucks. Was it worth 20 bucks ? Maybe not havent played it harldly but it was my choice to buy the game.

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                4. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

                The game is fine, sure it has problems but what game doesn't. Killstreaks have been de-emphasized and the only way to get high kills now is through gunskill. COD has needed this for a long time, I wanted them to go back to 3-5-7 but this is just as good. As a result the kids are complaining because they aren't being handed free kills, too bad.

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                  5. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

                  Most of the problem lies within core mechanics of the game in which the players CANNOT control. I am a firm believer that NOTHING in a game is overpowered or underpowered as 99.9% of the problem lies from the person complaining about it. Guns in ANY game have never been overpowered or underpowered, as to be perfectly honest, if they handled all the same, then why not just give us ONE gun and say "There, problem solved".


                  Now the issues that are going on with the game that are LEGITIMATE complaints are as follows


                  1. Spawn system - This is a MAJOR area than needs TONS of attention and I think that a TOTAL rework of how the spawn system works is the ONLY solution. Take maps like Stonehaven and Seige for example. These are the 2 largest maps in the game. On the 360 ALL modes are 6v6. Tell me why on these maps that players will literally spawn in the line of sight or within inches of an enemy. This is just UNACCEPTABLE. Even on Nuketown when playing TDM you would NEVER spawn with an enemy or directly on a betty/claymore. I have literally spawned on an enemy IED, been spawned with the enemy player TOUCHING ME, put in the middle of an enemy and my teammate firing at each other, spawned UNDER a grenade, etc.


                  2. Challenges - The current system for only getting progress on certain things that randomly cycle is just stupid. You get 5 sets of 10 challenges for a total of 50 at a time. For players like me who use very specific loadouts and only play certain modes, this can be VERY frustrating as even if you choose to use a squad point to re-roll and see what you get, you may only get 5-6 of the challenges you want. This is idiotic as you progress the things you want to work on are not counted and just lost.


                  3. Prestige - This has been a MAJOR staple in the COD franchise for a LONG TIME. They now made prestiging pointless by allowing EVERY PERK, WEAPON, ATTACHMENT, and EQUIPMENT available at level ONE. Since squad points carry over, you can go from your first squad member to your second squad member (prestiging) and buy FIVE complete loadouts with the best weapons/equipment in the game from the VERY BEGINNING of the prestige. This makes working for anything pretty much obsolete. I am almost done with my 6th prestige, and have around 600 squad points meaning that I have the 300 points to buy my next squad member, buy all my guns, perks, equipment, attachments, and CAC slots when I prestige again. You literally lose NOTHING when you prestige and frankly it has lost the feeling of accomplishment of doing so.


                  4. Map design/layout - Typical IW style. Dark, drab, and lifeless. The maps are just simply too big with the exception of Freight, Strikezone, Tremor, and Prison Break. The maps are FULL of wasted space, clutter, corners, spots where players "blend in", and just overall far to complex to give the fluid fast paced action that COD NEEDS. If I wanted to play hide and go seek I would wake my 6 year old up at night.


                  5. Overall feel of the game - If you look at the icons for things such as killstreaks/support streaks etc. they are dull, boring, white paper cutouts. Go back and look at Treyarch's killstreak/pointstreak icons. They were colorful, and looked really good like they actually put effort in them.


                  6. COMBAT RECORD - One of the BEST innovations in the COD series. Now the ONLY way you can look at another players stats is by being in the same lobby with them, and even then it is a VERY watered down version showing only basic information. With the combat record that Treyarch provided it was VERY EASY to see who was a cheater/booster by looking at simple stats. If a guy has 600 kills with a pistol with 80% accuracy and 550 headshots, it's pretty obvious that they were boosting. There were TONS of people banned just by people paying attention and reporting.


                  7. Cheats/glitches/hacks/mods - IW has held onto their reputation again as a very slack developer when dealing with the people that ruin the game. As of today, DEC 28th, the modded lobbies for instant prestige, and squad points have yet to be fixed. We are nearly TWO MONTHS in and this was confirmed that it was going on a few days BEFORE release of the game. MW2 was the most hacked game in COD history DURING IT'S LIFECYCLE (we all know they stop supporting titles at some point, so W@W and COD4 when they were hacked 2 years after release do NOT count).

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                    6. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

                    There are a lot of things about Ghosts that are solid (ie: weapon balancing, smoothness, hit detection), but other than Cranked, Ghosts is completely boring. And it's player ratings and player count say the same. Look at the players online <300,000 3 days after xmas- that number was almost 4 times that last year (the most I saw was 1,113,000). Even out of the 23 guys I currently play different games with only one of them will still get on and play on occasion and the game is less than 2 months old.

                    Sure BO2 has gameplay issues.. but lack of fun has never been one.

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                      7. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

                      The cod community is killing itself with all the negativity. Its all rather pointless too. People are letting little things ruin their enjoyment of the game.


                      People bashing the current game is nothing new. It happens with every single cod release. It doesnt matter what the developers do, If they go left or if they go right, they will still be bashed. They could remove QS and they would get bashed for that, they could leave QS in the game and they would get bashed for that. They could alter camping and get bashed. It doesnt matter what they do, they have a nice bullseye painted on their backs.


                      The CoD cycle. The CoD cycle is something we see repeat itself every single year. The same complaints come out of the wood work. Complaints about spawns, maps, weapons, balance, hit detection, lag, lag comp, the community itself. Basically during the 1 year lifespan of each CoD game every single aspect will be complained about at one point or another. 


                      I have actually realized a new reason as to why the Developers dont come here to chat with us. They are probably tired of having to repeat themselves. Example is Lag comp gimping players with high speed internet. Doesnt matter that the creators of the game told us it wasnt happening. Doesnt matter that a significant amount of the "proof" is false. Every release we have people come and claim that Lag comp is broken. And the funniest part about that is that people not only do it when playing CoD, but people also blame lag comp in basically every single other FPS out there, Halo, Battlefield, gears, All of them have players who claim lag comp is broken. Just like they have people who dislike the maps, spawn system, weapon choice.


                      I honestly feel bad for the developers of Video games these days. They have to put up with alot of crap they shouldnt need to.

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                        8. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

                        Ya but spawn systems have always been a problem.

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                          9. Re: CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

                          but the community is simply not what it was.

                          Very true. The core "good guys" have stuck around though. Even for all its faults I still like and enjoy this game a lot.

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