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    Quickscoping and Trickshotting is a plague on this game

           Honestly, it's cancer, and I oppose every goddamn excuse that any Quickscoper/Trickshotter makes.

      Quickscoping and Trickshotting is fun, why should we stop having fun?

      You're all taking the fun out of this game. There are people who want to play the game like it should be played. Sorry if you can't get that 720 shock charge wallbang for a meaningless montage.

      We have to Quickscope!!!!1111 so many SMG users killing us we have to be aggressive!!!111

      If you can't snipe like you're supposed to ("Hardscoping"), it's probably because all you do is Quickscope. Play the game like it should be played, see if it's so bad, I dare you.

      You're just a typical hater! Ur Bad! (Insert Pointless Insult Here)

      Well sorry that I'm not Quickscoping. I'm obviously bad because I am capable of not following the same stone faced crowd that you belong in. I'm actually not "bad" at having a personality/social life.

      Insults from Quickscopers and Trickshotters are all the same. Don't bother replying to them.


           Quickscoping and Trickshotting isn't cool. Oppressing people who want to play the game normally isn't cool. Contain your AUTISM and take it to a private match so we don't have to deal with it. I would like to see someone from FaZe or Optic give me an actual argument, oh wait...they're all the same. Honestly I think that everyone is doing this bullcrap to boost their self esteem. Why don't you put professional Trickshotter/Quickscoper in your job resume? It'll earn you a job!

      Spotting a Quickscoper/Trickshotter

      Usually they have some stupid alias of a gamertag that they go by (example: Fusion Enigma, Autistic Snipes, ect).


      If you were in school, would you try as hard as you can to fit in? If FaZe told you to jump of a cliff in real life, would you do it? Have some self respect for yourself and BE DIFFERENT.