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    Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ


      I generaly dont have an issue with weapons as a whole, i dont see any issue with balance a kill is after all a kill.

      BUT you can tell christmas has been and the idiots have got the game, as i rarely came across tubes in any game, now there is persistent idiots running round using them as a primary.

      And even if you do kill them, if they have hit the trigger before being downed your screwed anyway.


      My anger and frustrattion is the way there used and it seems like they have unlimited ammo WTF..


      This and last nights LAG which was horrendous, didnt change the host and came across as lag switch.

      was apparent in more or less everygame i went in its a joke and im sick of it, after how many years and games you still cant balance a damn game ?

      While i realise every game is different the servers remain the same so whats the deal ?

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