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    Infinity Ward Devs....please read...

      Okay, this is not going to be a Ghost bashing rant.  Or ban this and that and blah blah blah.  I'm not a "noob" I don't suck at the game and whatever else people say to defend the riot shield radar/C4 combo.  I'm 8th prestige with a hair over 2 k/d.  So I've put in PLENTY of time.


      Ive played CoD since CoD4 (best CoD of the franchise IMO).  Let me tell you - IW - where you completely lost me and anyone else whoever asks me about purchasing Ghosts or any later game in your series.  I will not be buying another you make, period.  I will never give you a good thumbs up if someone asks "is that game good?"  Here is why:


      1)  You tailor your games to the twice a week gamer want just wants to use the most mind-numbing, ridiculous, non-competitive loadout - that in a 1v1 gunfight would lose straight up 8 out of 10 times.  Sure, you can say - you can make a loadout to counteract anything someone else is doing.  The fact is I would have to make nearly 5 loadouts to counteract the nearly laughable gameplay your bogus game allows.  To tell me - an avid gamer with MLG backgrounds in 5 titles - that I have to make a class with grenade launchers, panzers, double lethals, danger close, and blast shield JUST to defend against 2-3 riot shield/C4 combo players is laughable.  Not to mention they may have RADAR, so now I have to make another similar class with Off the Grid for that one.


      2)  Amplify....now I've seen some dumb things in games in my days.  But this may take the cake.  EVEN with DEAD SILENCE on you can still here me like a herd of buffalo on a tin roof.  And you wonder why kids camp in corners....because they can hear you coming and hard scope turning the corner.  Sure...I can crouch walk from place to place....but I mean....really?  Really....?  EVERYONE in these forums can agree Amplify is retarded.  And for ONLY 2 perk points....wow.


      3)  What in the hell is Hunted and Infected?  Where did the STAPLE gametypes go?  HQ, Demo, Sabotage, Hard Point, etc.  So now I look on how many people are playing what gametype....I'm stuck between Dom, TDM, and Blitz (poor man's CTF made great with defenders using Amplify).  Whoever made the decision to cut those should be fired.


      4)  Spawn system.  Good lord.  Not only are half your maps wayyyyy to big (need Marathon just to get into the action again) you can now spawn with someone looking at you/on an IED/or I can spawn looking at my enemy's back.  I played some on the Xbox One recently, and I actually recorded a 30 second clip of 3 times I spawned....once on an IED, once next to IMS, and once close enough to an enemy that I knifed him.  I'll email that to you if you'd like.


      5)  Killstreak stacking.  Why do kills from a helicopter help me get a Helo Pilot??  I can equip Hardline...get 6 kills....get a Trinity for 2 more kills...get a Hind for at least one more kill....and either get an easy gryphon or helo pilot.  All because I got 6.....6 kills.  And I thought BO2 had Scorestreak spamming....


      Some of you wont care and say "he's just bad and blah blah."  I and my team welcome the challenge to change your opinion.  GT:  x Khufu 


      Like someone else said earlier....you lost $60 from me for the foreseeable future, which isn't but a drop in the bucket to you.  However, you lost my support when I am asked about your company...and I feel that is worth more.


      The sad thing is....all of this is fixable

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