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        But only 6 that you can use during a game.  In previous CODS there was always 10.  I don't know what I need to counter until the game starts so it would be great to be able to build more options or even switch solders mid game.

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          The most likely reason there are only 6 is so they can milk you for more money by releasing a microtransaction (paid) in the future for additional classes. I would almost bet money that will happen.

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            Let's just face facts. This game is total cr£p. I have the sweetest 60mg connection and tonight, Sunday, the multi game is horrific. The game is just not designed for the internet. Tweets here and there will make no difference. Like someone from my ISP said. Give up the game and go and do something more productive. We're all being mugged.

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              make a dom solider, search solider, rescue solider, blitz solider, ffa solider, cranked solider,  tdm solider, killconfirmed solider, hardcore dom solider , and hardcore tdm/kill confirmed solider

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                Couple of things that you missed that are just silly-

                -Why aren't Guard Dogs on timers like every other score/kill streak ever??

                -Squad mate? Pretty much the ultimate troll kill streak. 6 of us were playing Dom on strikezone and activated them all at the same time- entire match instantly became a joke. Even 3 active on small maps is hilarious.

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                  Yay! More falsehoods!

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                    1. Call of Duty is a casual game. Get used to it. No one cares about your MLG background.

                    2. Not a fan of amplify either.

                    3. Wondering the same thing.

                    4. Its always like this, especially early on.

                    5. Your math is bad, it is 7 kills for a helo pilot. Also, Trinity rockets are terrible. This game is the most gun on gun call of duty yet.


                    Everyone says they will stop playing, and they might for a bit, but people usually come back and considering they break sales records, I don't think they'll miss you. Finally, don't hide behind your team. It takes a special kind of person to do horrible in a party.

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                      Read it again....I said equip Hardline...therefore....it would be 6 kills.  Thanks.


                      They may not miss me.  Which is fine.  It seems every since MW2, they've gotten less and less players anyway.


                      The absolute best solution to the problem, and would make EVERYONE happy is simple.  Implement a MLG/eSports/Competitive playlist.  That way you have the casual guys who wanna throw C4 behind the riot shield like Michael Vick in one playlist, and the guys who like to have gunfights, strats, roll with 4-6 guys in parties, etc, etc. in a competitive one.  And I already know what you're gonna say...."Clan vs Clan is in the game!"  Ummm no...it's a more organized IED fest and C4 carpet bombs.  As well as kids leaving within 43 seconds of the game when they lose a gunfight.


                      The best they did was that trash Heavy Duty....ha....yea...look how many people are playing that nonsense. 

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                        LOL who else just laughs at people when they bring up their MLG background...no one cares.....NO....ONE.....CARES!!!!

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                          Maybe I read it wrong. Easy to do though when there is that weird sentence structure you got going there.


                          Clan vs. Clan is nothing but organized pubstomping, anyone who takes it seriously is dumb as f***.


                          I like how you dismiss a playstyle you don't like as casual. If the riot shield wasn't bad offensively maybe they wouldn't need C4. But then you'd probably call it OP and try to get it banned anyway. If it works, use it. Competitive is about winning, not some misguided sense of "honor." Don't tell me you are competitive, then try to nerf something. If it is truly overpowered and you really want to win, you would use it, anything less is playing for fun or is suboptimal play. It's like whenever people hit a brick wall, they don't try going around or over it, they ask someone to bulldoze it out of the way for them - that's getting old.

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