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        so basically you want matryoshka dolls back

        • 41. Re: Black Ops 3 Zombies?

          i think they should keep the same concept and not  change the game up just add new techniques


          i would like too do more physical damage like of course meelee but kicking them too

          characters should be special in there own ability

          we seen elements now lets add them elements too some guns

          how about temporary weapons like bricks, rocks, lol something too pick up n smack them with lol i am fighting for my life

          • 42. Re: Black Ops 3 Zombies?

            Make titanic map every few rounds the ship tips and you got to get in safe rooms or die and the boss would be a diver zombie

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              I Want them to add a private match so if 2 people want to make leaderboards they don't have to search in pubs and ask people to back out. Also a mode that you can use cheat codes like god mode, flying, unlimited ammo, etc. of course this mode wouldn't count for your statistics or leaderboards. It would be really cool and make zombies a hell of a lot more fun and would increase their sales a lot I'd feel.

              • 44. Re: Black Ops 3 Zombies?

                Agree about the 2 player.


                However you lost me there when you talked about the cheat codes. I do not agree it adding any value to the fun factor.

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                  hi! i would love to see a randomly generated map. so you dont know for sure what room is exactly behind the next door. think of 16 rooms in a square. 4 players spawn in in 4 starting kind rooms.  there is a "map" or computer terminal (whatever) you pay for (or for free)  to see where perk machines or the mystery box are for example, so you dont have to open all rooms to find jugganot. you can decide which way you go to reach the perks you want. the perk machines have generators like fe in origins. you can regurarily buy 4 perks but all 125 headshots (challenge box style, or whatever you think) you can buy an additional perk slot (or get it for free, whatever).

                  you can close doors for a high ammount of points. closing a door needs time like using the hacker to avoid permanent trolling :-) you can open up to make it a big loop map. you open only the way to jug or decide this is a great combo of rooms to camp. you can seperate yourself from the others or build teams. or think of activatible teleporters, you only can connect two locations fe, even if the doors in between the locations are closed (to revive fe).

                  Add a chalk room so everyone can pick up the extra wall weapons he wants.

                  ... :-)

                  so its an ingame customizable map. (ofc its a kind of luck about where the rooms are but hey nuketown? jugg can spawn in first or round 14+ and the games count towards lb.)


                  please, this is my idea of a map with an extremly high replay value, dont flame me, its only some ideas.

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                    I think things in zombies should be different I think there should be two modes first is classic you know your basic map packs and stock ones then there should be explore so like you can explore the corrupted world of zombies hold out in a shelter of your'e own choice and find guns or either start with guns and buy some on walls so basicly somthing like tranzit but also not hard difficulty and you can actually explore and do things.   

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                      Hey Solidus,


                      The random map idea is good. You have put some good suggestions forward.


                      I agree it will have an extremely high replay value and will test the true Zombie player.

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                        i don't think the majority here knows what they want.

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                          i was thinking a separate lobby for people who want to actually do the easter egg with others that would like to do the easter egg as well.

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