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        80. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

        deamonomic wrote:


        nuttin2say wrote:


        ghamorra wrote:



        4) it's sad that you only care about the caps. I've stated several times also that when I play I often don't have many caps, not because I don't cap flags but I just don't need to.



        He doesn't get the math behind this, ghamorra...

        One flaw in most teams gameplans is, it doesnt matter how awesome your set up is or how amazing your game plan. Its gonna fail if you cant kill. You cant capture that flag if your continually dead.


        Im an objective slayer. I will jump on the objective, but not if i can help my ally jump on it instead. When I played with my friends in past CoD games, they knew to grab the flag cause I would be guarding them. Alot of the time I see people just jump on the flag and give the other guy a nice 4 piece from a C4 or nade. Its the same thing in demolition and SND. While I might not have many caps myself, I am the reason that you have yours. I push up past the objective to get to them before they can toss that grenade or C4 and If i die, you know how far away they are.


        Killing in every gamemode is important. Sure you cant win if you dont cap, but on the other side of that coin, if your getting killed a ton your probably not capping anyways.


        Excellent point deamonic. Oldturd wants to call "campers" selfish, but it seems to me that he is being greedy with the caps. ESPECIALLY if the rest of my team is "weak" I'm more likely to cover them while they cap rather than jump on the flag with them. Worst case scenario, they go down, I pick off the guy killing them while jumping on the flag and continuing the cap. If we'd both be on there, we'd have both likely gone down and no cap would have happened.


        It's strategy. It is thinking on your feet. Look, the very first thing my dad taught me about handling firearms?


        Never shoot unless you know your target.


        Running blindly into the opposing team is not knowing your target. It is arrogant and selfish. I strive to have the most kills and fewest deaths in every TDM match I play. But I'm not greedy about it. If I have a couple of teammates that are pinned down by four opponents and all my two teammates need is for most of the four opponents to look a different direction in order to score kills? I'm going to distract the four opponents and NOT score any kills at all. I do this ALL THE TIME. And I get raged for it like there is no tomorrow, too. But according to oldurtay, being selfish are my two teammates who "camped." How do you know they intended to get stuck in a room like that? He doesn't know. He's assuming. He is ... not knowing his target.

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          81. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

          Exactly! the point of this method is to make it so that my weaker teammates can capture the objective. And even if it is arrogant I still believe that the majority of players need this kind of distraction. I have been in too many games where my team assaulted B flag like lemmings on a mission and have them cut down by the same defender repeatedly. So, I make it my goal when playing solo to just slaughter everything near the objective and keep on killing until its caped. and AFTER its capped i tend to still push up and keep them away from the objective. You cant capture it if your dead.

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            82. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

            Killing is part of DOM and every gamemode, it wasn't you wouldn't have a gun.

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              83. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

              This is something that I have to remind myself of from time to time.  I can slay but I'm not what one would consider a slaying god.  However, often times I'm the best slayer on the team and while my natural instincts are to play the objective like a boss.  Sometimes my team needs me to keep the enemy off of their backs by being the slayer.  Otherwise we just get steamrolled.

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                84. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                It takes a lot of practice to do. I can't stand being significantly behind in points in Dom and so the temptation to jump on that flag is enormous. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of times - especially as a solo player - you've got no choice. You have to not only slay, you have to cap, too. When that starts happening, a lot of times I'll "camp" the opposing flag without jumping on it. I'll watch and wait to make sure no opponents are spawning on it and that none are secretly pulling a ghamorra and just itching for me to jump on it. LOL! When the coast is really clear, then I'll jump on the flag.

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                  85. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                  Can you recommend some sniper rifles and scopes for the rifle? I'm looking into getting one and trying sniping out.

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                    86. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                    What great use of the word "megalomaniacal"

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                      87. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                      BLKSTRYK3RFORCE wrote:


                      Can you recommend some sniper rifles and scopes for the rifle? I'm looking into getting one and trying sniping out.

                      I like the L115 and use either Thermal or Variable Zoom. I don't like to get in close range sniping situations so those two scopes allow me to snipe more successfully at longer ranges. However, the standard scope works pretty well so if you like, you can forego a scope and use other attachments.

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                        88. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                        If you're new to sniper rifles, I would not recommend quick scoping. You're going to get slaughtered. I started with the default USR. I'm doing really well with it - but I make it a point to use the appropriate weapon on the appropriate map. That's more critical, IMO, than which SR you opt to use.


                        Stonehaven, for example, is a sniping map (although it seems like people are starting to get frustrated and turning it into an AR map. You can still do well with an SR on that map.


                        There are three places in particular I like. One is the very back of the castle-side spawn. There is a ladder to get you up there and a set of stairs. Both are fairly easy to hold down.


                        If you are looking west from the castle side spawn, to your right about 1/3 the way across the map and 1/3 the way down from the north side of the map are some stone ruins. There is a set of stairs on the west side of this set of ruins leading up to a second floor. On the first floor, there's a little cubby corner you can duck into if someone is trying to flank you. Move around a lot if this is where you're going to hold up as a sniper. Keep checking every direction. Make short, quick scans. Try not to ADS until you see a killable target. In other words, you see someone lingering around not paying attention. Take the shot. If you miss, too bad - take cover. In other words, make your shots count and don't wait around for a second shot. In fact, no matter where you are on this map, don't linger for a second shot.


                        The third place I like to hold up as a sniper east side of the map, about midway to the castle. From the spawn on this side, move to your left, jump the stream at the broken wall. Immediately to your right is the stone tower you can't enter. Continue along the wall and you'll see an opening that leads to a small, square space. I like dropping an IED next to the broken wall I came through. Doing so won't score you many kills, but it will warn you if you are being flanked. From the square room area, you can cover a large part of the map ... but as with anywhere on the map, take your shot then take cover. Check your rear - that opening into your small area - for people trying to flank you.


                        Stormfront is another good sniping map. There are all sorts of places to snipe from. Take your shot then move. Ghosts is not like previous CODs. Previous CODs you could be fairly immobile and score 5 or 6 kills pretty easy. Not in this game. You have to shoot and duck. Don't marvel at your handiwork. It'll get you killed.

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