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    Discussion Time. Things that make the game easier.

      So I have a question for everyone do you think they should remove things that make the game easier? When I say things that make the game easier I am talking about things like Sticky Aim and Quickdraw and Steady Aim and Amplify the list may be longer I have no clue. Another question is what are the exact in game items that you feel have no counter and/or make the game too easy for experienced players? My last question is do you think they should stop helping the noobs who play this game every year why or why not?


      I personally think they should remove sticky aim but keep aim assist in the game, there is a difference between the two. Sticky aim is where your aim attracts to enemies meaning someone runs past you and your gun follows that is sticky aim or when you you are moving your gun left to right and your gun stops or slows down on the enemy that also sticky aim it also negates some of your recoil. Aim assist is different then sticky aim it's just like the aim assist in story mode only it's on a much smaller scale then the aim bot in story mode have you ever noticed your gun going to an enemy while you aim down your sight when they are near it? That's aim assist in the multiplayer it's not much to provide an advantage but it is enough to help console players aim their gun.


      So what are your answers and opinions on these questions and matters? I have given my example on one of the matters I wanna know what your opinions are.