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    Marksman Rifles


      I think it should be easier to get kills with the marksman rifles with the full metal jacket and the 3 bust fire attachment it takes 3 to 4 shots unless it is a head shot I'm ex military and the game play is outstanding but the kill could be better with armor piercing rounds.

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          in HC its a OSHK at the right distant. Just sometimes the scope can be lined up and you pull the trigger and nothing happens till about 5 shots later you get hitmarkers. the SVU scope is about 2 feet off to the right at times.. so i stopped using it.

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            AP rounds apparently do not increase damage in any way. They are only useful against ballastic vests or for shooting throough walls and such.


            I have to agree that marksman rifles are a disappointment. I fully expected to love them but I have found that they simply combine the worst of ARs and sniper rifles with virtually no plus side. Oh well, I just don't use them at all.

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              idk..i think they are fine to be honest...i mean..in range they are 2 shot kill (unless silencer equipped) and almost always a 1 shot head shot...get your shots on target and you can demolish in range.

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                  OK, but why use them instead of a sniper rifle with a decent secondary weapon when they are OHK even silenced? Or an AR with thier zero recoil which are quicker TKT even at a distance in many situations? Not trying to be a prick, I just have not found the plus side -maybe my expectations and play style are to blame...

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                      Im not an expert but in my limited experience the Marksman rifles are quicker to ADS than the snipers and you get more mobility. Plus the best snipers are bolt action, so you lose rate of fire for the mid range fights.


                      I only use the marksman rifles on the bigger maps with minimal cover (IE stonehaven) and I use ARs everywhere else. With the Remington even with ACOG you don't get the range you do with marksmans - mainly vision - you can't pick out the enemies as easy with an assault rifle and don't have accuracy at range.


                      Just my 2 cents, I have completed all prestiges at all CODs (Exc WaW) but have only just started with Ghosts, so haven't really tried everything out yet.



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                        I like to use the MR28 if the pace of the particular lobby is kind of slow and campy.


                        If its a fast paced game with lots of rushing I usually get pretty bad results with MRs.


                        I feel like the the strength of the SVU in BO2 was that you could strafe while spamming shots with accuracy unlike a typical sniper rifle, (the strafe speed seemed faster than the Ballista or DSR) and I do the same in ghosts.

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                        Their range is pretty bad considering their fire cap.  And the best marksman rifle for range has the worst default scope.