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        10. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

        Character customization is useless. It is hardly ever noticeable while playing. This is definitely not the best system for players to connect with who they are. For the ones who use all the cheap tactics, it is great. For us who have to spend every CaC slot to counter the cheap tactic players, it sucks.

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          11. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

          Also true.


          But in CODs case the sales have increased every year (this title might be the first they have dropped).


          Innovation is a good thing. I think the problem is that they perhaps have over-thought and under-tested some things.


          I just think backwards is the wrong direction to go. Remember your roots, but grow a new tree.

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            12. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

            C'mon, seriously. You complain about the lack of innovation and assume that it takes months to develop a COD title but all you really want is a COD4 rehash from most of your points given?


            Yes, I loved COD4. It was a great game but I'm not going to pay full price for a game that is simply a rehash of it. If say IW decided to develop a COD4 Anniversary edition (updated visually) at a lower price similar to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, I may be interested.


            With dedis, there is lag comp/anti-lag and trust me, it doesn't completely address latency. Speaking from my hours spent with Battlefield 3 & 4 on console, dedis don't solve lag. In my opinion it's better than listen servers but you still do experience lag.

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              13. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

              I think what he is saying is they have changed the formula to the point that it is barely recognized as a COD game. Too many bells and whistles can ruin a game. To many deviations from a tried and true formula can collapse the entire formula.


              You may not agree that has happened with Ghosts but many do. Look at the player numbers across all platforms. It's less than 50% of the players that were playing BO2 at this time last year. Sales of the game are half of what they were last year. There was over a million online the day after Christmas last year, on xbox 360 alone. This year with Ghosts, between the xbox one and 360, There were around 340,000 online. Look at the user reviews on metacritic. By far the lowest rated COD game ever made. You can keep on backing the game and go down with the ship or swim for your life and try to create change. Getting back to the original formula (including netcode) is very necessary if this game is to have a future.

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                14. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                Of course the series needs to move forward and innovate but not so far as to take the classic CoD feeling away. They basically just threw a bunch of stuff in the game and said, "here, do what you want with it". There needs to be a bit more structure, IMO.

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                  15. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                  I guess you want to be part of the group that goes down with the sinking ship. Good luck with that,

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                    16. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                    I don't think they should return to the basics but instead find all of the good qualities of the classics and implement that into their multiplayer meaning nothing new gets remove but good quality items get added. Also the only thing child like in Call of Duty is the removal of blood and gore and flashy camos that's it more customization options isn't child like at all. Black Ops 2 had child like camos while Ghosts seems like they are trying to be more mature.

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                      17. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                      But if you dont give a game all the bells a whistles the game becomes MW3.5 and people complain about that too.


                      Cant make everyone happy, hence the thread you see here.


                      The amount of people playing the game mean nothing. In the first month 10 times the amount of people were playing GTA5 so does that mean right now the game is dying. You have many other reasons why people are playing something else. Not just some assumed theory on your part.


                      OBMs video says that this game is a step back toward it roots based on connectivity. I agree with him on that.

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                        18. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                        I am sure the whole point of "dress up" was meant to be monetized in future DLC. Do you really thing anyone (besides children), bought the game because of the ability to make fashion statements with their outfits?

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                          19. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                          My feet arent getting wet. If the game fails then it fails. Everything in the universe has to die at some point. Yet here you are on a sinking ship and yet you never play the game.


                          So what is all this hatred toward the game and where is it going to get you skating uphill. And dont say your arent hating on the game because your replies like this one prove it.

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