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        40. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

        And BTW you mentioned before that you would never "purchase another game from ACtivision ever". Well sound like you bought it there.


        So why would you be so uppity on a game that doesnt have dedicated servers that you RENTED ?

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          41. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

          Im sorry you think that way, it sounds very...limited. Why is it that you downplay it so much? YOU are making it that way and saying its a "fashion statement" or that other players think the uniforms are "cute" seems childish of you.


          Its more like: Heres a list of a bunch of items you can unlock by completing challenges, play and complete these challenges to create your personal squad of soldiers, stand out from the rest.


          In truth, the number of items is limited, and im sure the "micro-items" will be guns, camos, and yes more customization options. But ill gladly pay for what appeals to me, so I can put even the slightest bit of my personality in game to make it more immersive.


          To be honest, I actually TRY to stay alive, but still be a good member of my team. This ends in me topping the boards, with minimal deaths. I play better. Why? I think its because since I named my soldiers after my online persona, and some real life friends. Even made them look similar, at least in some way. The last few are characters I liked from Other CoD games, Sgt. Griggs, Simon "Ghost" Riley, and soon Logan or Elias (Using Team leader) from the campaign.


          I don't think they're uniforms are cute, they just best fit the personality of the soldier Im trying to create. It's called being creative. It doesnt make you gay or a loser to do so, even in a game.

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            42. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

            lewdmouth wrote:


            I guess you want to be part of the group that goes down with the sinking ship. Good luck with that,


            Of course not. Like you, I don't think COD is heading in the right direction but do you really think that rehashing COD4 is the solution to COD's problems?


            You change very little with the COD formula....you'll have the gaming community complain about how COD developers are being lazy and not creative enough in which players may eventually move on from the franchise.


            You change too much with the COD formula...chances are you may have a game that isn't COD and could eventually end the franchise


            It's a lose/lose situation for COD developers so they have to try to balance it out by trying to add something new but not lose aspects of what makes COD unique from other FPS.


            I brought this video up in another thread but you might find this insightful:


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              43. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

              TheDonCartagena wrote:


              I haven't played a game since the end of November and went back to bo2 and haven't looked back since.


              Ahhh... I love seeing the COD lifecycle running it's course.

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                44. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                Again . Internet polls can be tweeked and twisted to provide whatever information you want . So why would I post a link to a poll that can be fixed ?


                EDIT I just PROVED you wrong by voting, clearing my history and voting AGAIN. You link was not a good poll. Just admit it.


                And again that is your opinion and not fact . Sales in video games in the past year have ALL taken a decline.

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                  45. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                  Black ops 2's life cycle is getting a good run out of me.

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                    46. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                    Video Game Retail Sales Decline, Digital Up in July - Yahoo Finance


                    Video game retail sales continued to decline in July. According to market research firm NPD, sales plunged 19.3% to $443.0 million from $549.1 million reported in Jul 2012


                    http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/07/arts/video-games/video-game-retail-sales-decli ne-despite-new-hits.html?pagewanted=all&…


                    In the first eight months of this year retail sales of video games plummeted 20 percent in the United States. That followed a lackluster performance in 2011, when sales fell 8 percent. An analysis on the Web site Gamasutra this year said it was possible that 2012 would be the worst year for retail video game software and hardware sales since 2005.


                    REAL sources. Not opinion.


                    One of the most recent ....


                    Gamasutra - Another month of retail video game decline in the US


                    Analysts at the NPD Group say that retail sales across the video game industry were down 22% in December, from $4.1 billion in 2011 to $3.21 billion this time around.


                    22 percent ?? Thats about the difference in Black Ops 2 sales Vs Ghosts.

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                      47. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                      Don't put too much stock in polls.


                      Just like asking people who the greatest Quarterback ever to play in the NFL, or the Greatest Basketball Player of all Time... or anything asking people to rank things from different eras.... you are never going to get the "right" answer, because there is none.


                      People like the different games for different reasons. Most of us love WaW and COD4 for sentimental reasons. We had never seen anything like it before, and had hours and hours playing it... for fun. As the game grew and the population playing the game grew and became diverse, the Devs were challenged to keep trying to move forward and improve. Some of the things they did were a huge success, other things a disaster. But the funny thing about this community is... you will never get 100% agreement on what those successes and failure are (or were). One will shout about "Quickscoping", another will say how much fun they have doing it. One will scream about "One Man Army", the next will tell you how much fun they had using it. The Devs are challenged every year to put out a game that feels like Call of Duty, but also has new elements. We like to think its easy, but most of us are viewing the game through blinders, seeing only what WE want and what makes us happy.


                      Polls don't tell you anything but what that random sampling (tends to be less random on the internet, someone had to frequent that site and might be swayed by how that site portrays the games) thinks. Nor does it tell you why they feel that way. So I would drop the polls as an argument and just argue your own point.

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                        48. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                        Even though it was a long wall of text I agree with most of it. Now I know what my posts feel like from the other side Nice post.


                        Treyarch does seem to make a better game overall to me.


                        But Blops 1 and 2 were still the best if I base my opinions off of when I religiously played it.


                        Wrath of Khan for example was a great movie but watching after watching the new Superman or Pacific Rim ? Going back only tastes good for a few minutes.

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                          49. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                          I don't think the community created insta-deaths that occur even in LAN play. Nor did they create the spawns or the huge maps with amplify that creates a pace that most do not enjoy. Not saying all, some may enjoy sitting back waiting for action but most play COD for its fast pace. Every aspect of this game promotes slow movement.

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