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        30. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

        Maybe it's just me then. When I kill or get killed by someone in a FPS game, I never have thought "wow, what a cute outfit they were wearing". I guess I just have no fashion sense.

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          31. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

          I'm seeing a player who lives in the present who recognizes that to "progress", you have to... ya know... move forward... away from *points back* that


          What is with this CoD 4 fanboying? Best CoD to date? Really? It had glitches and exploits that NEVER were addressed in its lifetime - to the point it felt like the devs, IW, were playing a sick joke and we the players were the suckers


          I'm not saying it wasn't a good Call of Duty, it certainly was, but it there are a couple of towering elements within any game that can, by itself, completely mar the experience. The developers were 4's biggest problem, why? because they didn't appear to care half the time. Glitches found, reported, put up online from captured videos; what does IW do? Oh, let's focus an entire patch on gun balance, which wasn't even really an issue... are you serious? Minor hotfixes after two months of constant glitch and exploit complaints, and you ONLY address weapon mechanics? Yeah, haha, funny. The game itself was well done, good experience, started to become a bit more sim like, but not too much (not like Battlefield by any means), and it was a good experience...


          oh, right up until someone killed you from under the map... or hacked a lobby and maxed everyone's prestige... or couldn't die no matter what you threw at them


          yeah, that stuff was never addressed except on very small scales


          CoD 4 was overshadowed by World at War, which was topped by MW2... which once again was a great made game with a few minor problems... oh, and it was made by IW, so we had glitches and exploits that went unfixed for 7 bloody patches, oh and cheaters that went unpunished for almost the entire year - another great title ruined by one thing... the developers


          two great CoD's, both made by the creators of CoD, that would have been the BEST CoD's... if patch and post-production support was done by literally anyone else but the people that made it... I won't continue down the path, but it has ups and downs


          Here we have Ghosts, the follow up to MW3, a game that couldn't live up to either of its predecessors in terms of game mechanics (it was also like taking 5 steps backwards after Black Ops... sorry fanboys) or support... actually, I'm pretty sure as many patches and fixes as it did get, MW3 was about as confused in terms of a supported CoD as possible... I felt like one month they were concerned deeply with known cheaters/hackers, and a few major match breaking glitches... then the next month, when something new and major showed up and caused netcode and glitch problems, the only thing support was concerned with was gun balance and continually nerfing weapons that by the end of MW3 were worthless in Hardcore modes, and those that used them in Core modes never got a single kill again short of a freaking knife or equipment kill...


          Ghosts is a huge step forward from MW3, but again it suffers one major issue... okay, technically two... its spawn system is complete, utter, total GARBAGE... and the devs KNOW IT... it's taken them this long to admit it to themselves (which they knew what it was going to be like before it dropped in stores) and finally it's going to be addressed... at least I hope... Ghosts is another good Call of Duty, it really is, but the experience.. like the experience of EVERY IW developed CoD, is marred by crap support and a massive mechanical problem within the multiplayer system...


          do I honestly expect the spawns to be properly functional, or... God help us... sector crafted like BO2's were? No, by no means, this isn't a developer that shows us they give a damn... they'll tell us they do, but any dev does that.. hell, any publisher does that to defend their dev... but here's the thing, TELLING us you care and it'll all be fixed means zilch... you're only remembered by what you do or fail to do, not by the things you say


          And before anyone attacks BO2's spawning, I'm one of the people that understood how it worked.. it was sector based across the map, if the majority of your team was in a sector, no enemy could spawn there: PERIOD. When your team started getting spawn killed, it was because you were all running around like chickens with their heads cut off - no sense of logic or direction.. you got exactly what you earned with that spawn system, killed!


          The point of all this is to express that hanging on to the past, especially with those rose colored goggles, will get you left just there... in the past... and do you know what belongs in the past? Fond memories.


          I agree that some minor elements from the past should be preserved, but for progress to be made - the old must be culled so the new can spring forth and we can decide if it makes the grade or gets cut... it is a process. If you wish to fall back into those fond memories, you can purchase one of those old games, or pull it off the shelf, and immerse yourself once again. It will never be the same as it used to be, as you remember it, but it reminds you - strongly in a lot of cases - why things have changed... I loved World at War, loved it, and sometimes I pop it in and play a match with a smile.. it was simple and nostalgic, but the mechanics (though outstanding back in 08) have been completely upgraded with the Black Ops series.. Treyarch took what made the old good and remolded and reinvented their CoD's, which is why they are simply better crafted games overall... all CoD's have hickups and problems, don't get me wrong (the netcode in BO2 was trash, complete trash), but the overall experience I've had with Call of Duty games... has been FAR better with Treyarch ones.. I actually don't favor them over IW, they just produce CoD games I don't get uber frustrated with before the lifetime of the game is spent with the release of the next.. THIS CoD is a rare execption for IW and me.. I am completely impressed by Ghosts, shocked even that IW went from the ugly mess of MW3 to THIS... I suspect they actually took some pointers from their sister developer when redesigning the engine this time around.. the 3Arc IW Engine modifications have always been superior... but this game has its problems, like all the others in this franchise... specifically, the spawns and lack of elevated response from support.. but I didn't expect every major element of CoD games to be done correctly, and... I was right lol

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            32. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

            Sorry but votes on sites like that and internet polls can be fixed.


            Lets see whats wrong with that site right off the bat.


            1) You can vote then clear your history and then vote again repeatedly without ever having to sign in once. So after an hour you can screw up a ton of votes. I made two votes. One saying "Best of them all" and another saying "Beest of them all". Watch, once they are approved my quotes will both show up.


            2) Its got Modern Warfare 2 as the best game which is false. It was the most widely hacked and unpatched game of the series.


            3) You say for the past three years COD has been in decline. But according to that site MW3 and Black Ops are near the top.


            You want to pick a source pick a REAL source.

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              33. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

              I didn't buy it, I rented it (for 20 days total) because of the direction the last few games have gone I knew better than to go out and buy it before I tried it. If it would have been a better game, of course I would have gone out and bought it. I think many others (from the sales numbers) have done the same. You just keep on watching it go down in flames. I will keep trying to extinguish the fire. By the way, COD Ghost did not break a single sales record (unless of course you are talking about "worst sales of a COD game ever, even with a reduced price of $40 for most of the holiday season"). They did break that record.

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                34. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                I am a self-admitted CoD fan. I enjoy the game... shoot me.


                I have issues with every game, but I still have more fun than anything else. I have played the competitors, and while I enjoyed them, they didn't hold the same replay value for me as the CoD games do.


                You trash the game, but it doesn't sound like you really got into it. I have found that once I got my bearings and figured out my setups... the game became a lot more fun and enjoyable. I am not having major issues... MP has been smooth for the most part and it seems hit detection has improved in this title over where it was in the past few titles.


                For all of its issues (Most of which are community-created), it is still the most fun MP experience on the market.

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                  35. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                  So what GTA5 was only 20 dollars during parts of the holiday season. Did that make it trash ? No. BF4 was 20 dollars for a period of time too during the holiday season. Does that mean its trash ? No.


                  I do admit though I should have phrased it better to say "the last two or three games before this one". But the facts is still true. Just because you think the game went downhill MW3 , Blacks Ops 1 and 2 still broke records. So that makes your point invalid. Even IF I included Ghosts in the records broken that would still mean TWO of those games broke records.


                  So it took you 20 days to realize this game sucked. When I buy a game that sucks it only takes me 20 minutes to realize it sucks. When I eat food that sucks it only took me one bite. If it would have sucked so bad I would have returned it on day one and rented something better with my 20 bucks a month.

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                    36. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                    I haven't played a game since the end of November and went back to bo2 and haven't looked back since. Got to say what a good decision for me because I love to run around and in ghosts you can still do it but it just isn't as fun. There is too many people camping it up. Whether they just took a 5 second rest or had to reload in the corner (before you come up with reasons for it) or not there just isn't enough movement in the game for my liking.


                    Maybe I can't adapt or whatever bullocks some of you say, for a lot of people the game is boring and I don't want to move 'tactically' having to check so many little hiding spots or hurt my eyes just to see if someone is sat somewhere because they blend so well into the background.


                    If you don't like the game get back on black ops and get them numbers up (doubt they are that far behind ghosts anyway) cos at least that game was enjoyable, frustrating sometimes but fun non the less. And if you hated bo2 as well then, sucks to be you, God knows what game you want.

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                      37. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                      I don't know about a list that puts MW3 above WaW. 

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                        38. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                        Okay, find me any internet poll that shows COD Ghost, BO1 or 2, MW3 at the top. Prove me wrong, don't just say I am wrong. Every poll I have seen shows COD 4 or MW2 as the best COD games. The sales of any COD games past MW2 are mostly from knee jerk, brand, marketing or nostalgic reasons. The games themselves have been slowly getting worse (mostly netcode issues) but some lack of creativity and little support. The lower sales are finally hitting after years of regression in game quality.

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                          39. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                          I agree with that. WAW was a much better game. The trend with most polls show COD 4 and MW2 at the top and Ghosts at the bottom.

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