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    Zombies mobile


      Hey guys. I just wanted to say, I LoVe mobile zombies. It's what got me started. Now Im a little mad they did not come out with a black ops 2 zombies this past December. I want this post to become popular, so that trey arch sees it and either makes black ops 2 Zombies on iOS or adds the remaining black ops map to the. current iOS game. please respond if you have anything

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          when I saw zombies for iOS I jumped on it and for me was a huge letdown, the controls aren't user friendly Even with the 2 control layouts , most of all you couldn't ever connect online and play with other people. when I tryed to find a fix I found out there was no longer any support for the iOS game. The game would give you a website to go to and there wasn't any help provided. So I'm glad they didn't put out another game on iOS.

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            It'll be hard playing the Black Ops 2 maps considering the size and I thought they were done when they stopped updating for more maps.