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    Does anyone else have to warm up???

      I usually have time after the lady goes to bed to stay up and jam for about 12-15 games. I usually shut down around 12:00-12:30 (US Central Time), which in my opinion is the the particular part of the day when the hard-core savant players rear their ugly faces, making it pretty intense.


      Anyway, now that I've had CoD:Ghosts for a few weeks, and I've got ~18 hr logged, I've noticed that my 1st two-three games are usually terrible. Say what you will about quick-scoping, but I think it's the most enjoyable way to play the game, but I can't hit any of my shots when I first start up. By game 3, I'm hitting all my drags and corner sweeps, as well as good old fashioned sniper kills.


      I'm wondering if this is a common thing for the rest of you. I do distance road riding and used to play soccer in high school, so I'm familiar with the concept warming your body up, but I didn't think that the ability to move your fingers quickly fell into the same category.


      Thots & Opinions on this: another shitty post!