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    Cheapest Device to Run Call of Duty App???

      I'm the leader of my clan & I'm still unable to successfully load the Clan Wars part of the Call of Duty App! Money is tight for me at the moment and I was wondering if anyone knows the cheapest device that will successfully run the ENTIRE Call of Duty App seamlessly? I'm guessing this will be an Android device? Suggestions?


      I currently have a 4th Generation iPod Touch & I'm guessing because it only has 256 MB of RAM that's the reason it keeps crashing. Dunno why they made this App so memory hungry, really no reason for a 3D model of your in-game character! Sometimes luckily it gets to the Clan Wars map, but trying to select any of the nodes it instantly crashes. Tried everything from a fresh install, deleting everything from my iPod, and a complete restore. Everything else seems to work except for Clan Wars.


      Also, not sure if this is related but I'm still unable to change our Clan Slogan since I reserved our Clan the first day of pre-registration and our Clan KD that should easily be in the 1.5-2.0 range is popping up at .77!


      Thanks for any help!

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          Re: Cheapest Device to Run Call of Duty App???

          I agree it's kinda crazy. if you have a pc running windows I heard there is a program that will let u run android apps from your pc so you would be able to use the app. If i can think of what its called i will let u know

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            Re: Cheapest Device to Run Call of Duty App???

            The Nexus phones are generally fairly cheap and are updated regularly.  I'd almost suggest a Nexus 7 tablet, though it isn't officially (key word) compatible. I use my Nexus 7 tablet for viewing the clan wars while playing. You can get one for $200-250 new or cheaper if you can get one refurbished or used. Phone wise you could try to get a Nexus 4 (used).  Not sure what other phones out there are really good and are being updated regularly. You can trust that the Nexus devices will be updated for a while unlike some devices put out by other companies.

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              Re: Cheapest Device to Run Call of Duty App???

              Greetings apollo2626,


                   Thank you for taking the time to post! Please check our list of compatible devices: Activision Support in that case you will be able to verify which one will fit your budget. In regards changing your Clan Slogan, first enter to Clan Settings and then to Clan Motto. That should allow you to change you Slogan.




              ATVI Support

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