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    Xbox 360 1/2 bar every game?

      I know this has probably been answered, and I have looked through the forums and done what was suggested in those forums, but still I cannot get a game in under 120+ ping...a lot of the time it runs to the end and I have to join a recent player by joining session.


      I have a wired connection xbox. I have forwarded my ports, and put my static ip into DMZ. My ping is generally between 15-20 in the afternoon, and around 40-80 in the evening. My download speed is generally around 10-15mb, with a 1-2mb upload speed. As I said, its a wired connection, but I also turn off my phone's wifi. There is another laptop running off the same router, but thats generally just facebook. Im from Ireland, and generally get put in European lobbies. That has always been the case, but lately these lobbies only give me a 1/2 bar connection. If I play in the early morning, like I was this morning, I get put into an American lobby. The strange thing is, this gives me the best connection! I get a 3 bar regularly against Americans and Mexicans (Thats mainly who was in the lobby this morning) whereas if I play someone from france, im on a 1/2 bar.


      Is there anything else that I could do regarding my connection? My ISP says everything is fine on their end. I have contacted them several times, to the extent one of the workers remotely accessed my pc to make sure I hadnt messed up one of the settings, which I had not. I should also say that this is the case with Battlefield games also, so its not just the fact that CoD doesnt have Dedi servers


      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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