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    I need to unlink my account.

      i have the ghosts app and well i logged in. it shows none of my stats, it says its linked to my psn. i tried unlinking my cod elite acc and linking it again. when i linked it again it showed my mw3 and bo2 stats on the elite app buy when i logged in on the ghosts app. it shows my forum name not my psn and not my ghost stats. And i know tht my psn is linked to my ghost app cause when i changed my elite forum name it showed for some reason as the name for my ghosts app. so tht means tht my ghost app gets the data from the elite app but the only problem is tht my ghost stats arent reloading.

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          Re: I need to unlink my account.

          You can try the COD Ghosts website to unlink and link the account. It works just like Elite. Sign in the account in COD Ghosts website, click the round gear, select Profile and unlink and link the gamertag. Oh, refresh the browser before you link it back.

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