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    Just wanted to say sorry...


      I thought BLOPS 2 was bad with there lag compensation, camera angles and hit box issues...

      But GHOSTS??

      Even Though the pretty much fix the "problems" in there game. The maps,the 2 shots you're dead,weak kill streaks

      and you think people camp in blops??? except for crank all other lobbies they camp..

      I`t has gotten to the point i traded the game and got me me blops back. 

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          I feel your pain. Although it is early days and hopefully IW release better maps within the dlcs.

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            I did bash Black OPS 2 somtimes for a little lag, so my first PS4 game was Ghosts and what a big mistake that was, I should of gotten Assasins Creed 4.


            Ghosts is total garbage, well on PS4 anyway, my new console has been collecting dust for weeks now because im back to playing Black OPS 2 on PS3. BO2 is just an all round better game and it still does not get boring.


            I have seen lots of people still on BO2 even today with Ghosts camo so I guess alot of people have returned.

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              I don't think ghosts is awful just harder. Granted camping is endemic and the spawn killing a little frustrating however blops suffers the same issues with the added lag, poor connections, head glitching and dubious hit detection . I'm not saying blops is bad I've had a lot of fun on it but it is easier to be successful on it .

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                Black Ops 2, is way better than GHOST™. GHOST is all about camping for streaks, and the maps are massive! It's such a boring game, I stopped playing it a couple of months ago. Might even return the game, and go brothel instead.

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                  I hated Ghosts for the first month then once i got into it a little more and actually moved around more i found it a lot of fun. You just have to be very aware, lol.

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                    I'm also not extremely happy about Ghosts since they have not fixed the spawn issues. I mean comon. We are experiencing spawn issues for about 3 CoD titles straight. You might think they would rechange their formula by now but no. Still no improvement.


                    I just hope CoD does not become a series like Fifa . They are making a new one almost each year = Less time spent on new title equals not so great title with a couple of improvements ( Black ops 2 => Ghosts ) . The changes are minor and are not really worth the price of a new game.