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    taking me levels away!!! i need help

      i been having alot of trouble with something i don't really know what is it but yesterday i was playing cod ghosts and i was lv 39 prestige 1 then i went offline and when i came back i was lv 37 and i lost what i did in those lvs (kills,weapon cammos,patchs etc.) today i was lv 58 prestige 1 around 9:00 pm i quit the game to go on youtube then when i put the game back i was lv 54 and lost everything again i got really upset because lv 50   are pretty hard to lv up but i just kept on going, 30 minutes ago i got lv 58 again almost 59 and then i went offline to do something and when i came back i was lv 54 again and since then i just turn off my ps3 and just got really mad... Support         my psn is: xDanny_Swag_Boii

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          Generally loss of progress is due to bad synchronizing; you need to give the game time to upload your progress before turning off  the console or logging out of the game even.


          If you multitask too much, you will probably loss a lot of progress because the synchronization gets interrupted or cannot end in time before you're doing something else.


          In PC, Steam doesn't let you start a game until the last game's synchronization is complete, consoles work the same way, but they let you multitask all you want, so they don't prompt or even warn you about the data transferring.


          My suggestion would be get back to man screen of the game for a few seconds before quitting it.

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            I will be following up with you via a PM.




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