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        Hawk I did like X men legends especially the second one where you could get IM if you collected all of his armor in each of the four sections. Then IM becomes the best killing machine in the game, lol.


        For me to buy a console superhero game it is going to have to be very involved and in depth. I would love for it to be more free flowing where you can make choices. I always thought it would be awesome if you were playing Tony Stark doing business stuff then you hear on TV, radio, internet, avenger call that there is a disaster somewhere, accident, storm, stuff like that or criminal activity, bank robbery, shoot out, car chase or a super villain and you chose whether to respond or not and whatever you do there are consequences based on your action or inaction. Maybe if you don't act the problem comes to you forcing you to act or because of your inaction bad things happen or maybe you act but don't handle it right bad things happen. The game flows depending on your choices. You would have the choice to choose which suit of armor is right for the situation, suit up and go out or not. That would intrigue me or have a definite story arc with very detailed character interaction, love interest stuff like that. What I don't want is another level super hero game where you have this static story arc that you just respond to everything.


        Jad you have failed in your duty as an Avenger and are being kicked out of the mansion, tower or whatever we are in now, lol. Well hopefully you watch it right when it comes out on DVD.

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          Hawk - yeah they could probably add some additional stuff with Gandalf's storyline.  Maybe some more with Thranduil too.


          I did get LEGO Marvel Superheroes and have a had just a little time to play, but I am really enjoying it.  I have held off a little because the LEGO games are some that my wife will play with me and I don't want to play too much of the story without her.  I am only up to the mission on the Raft (I did the Baxter Building and Oscorp missions by myself so I thought I better stop there!).  I have had a chance to explore the city just a bit.  I was confused at first how the icons worked for unlocking stuff but I'm getting used to all the little changes compared to the other games.  I really like a lot of the little individual touches they've added to to combat.  I cracked up the first time I saw Hulk punt someone and I liked Black Widow's legs-around-the-head takedown like she did in the movies.  I'm sure there are tons of little things to notice like that.   There's a whole lot of stuff to explore so I'll be working on this one for quite some time (I'm still not finished with LOTR!  Then there's the Hobbit coming out later this year...but for some reason it only covers the first two movies so I may wait and see if they release a complete trilogy package)


          Iron - I'll definitely be seeing Thor as soon as I can, although if it comes out on Feb 25th then I will be somewhere on a big boat soaking up some tropical rays.  We're taking the family on a Disney cruise the last week of February.  Maybe they'll show the movie on the cruise ship!

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            Jad I am ambivalent about cruises, part of me is intrigued, the food, the amenities, the different ports of call, but another part of me worries about getting bored on the boat. You will have to give me a good description of your time so I can now more about it. Sounds like fun and a great family outing, the disney cruise means there will be characters and stuff and probably very kid orientated, hopefully they have a couple of adult things you can do when the kids are asleep, lol.

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              Hawk I feel your pain my friend. I was at work so missed the first half but saw the second half and ouch that was a tough loss but a good game. No offense in the 1st half and lots of offense in the second. The way the offenses were playing it was going to come down to who had the ball last. Sorry about the loss and I hope you have not wrecked anything too badly in your house. Hang in there buddy.

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                So was surprised that the Charger D held the Bengals down in Cincinnati and disappointed that the niners pulled it out in Green Bay. Although the Packers played it a lot closer than I thought it was going to be. Great second round of the playoffs coming up.


                Hopefully Hawk has not done anything to himself in despair over the Eagle loss, but outside of that a pretty good weekend of  NFL football all but one game was really close.

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                  Holy hell, guys, my heart just skipped a beat.  I got some Amazon gift cards and was browsing around, looking at more cool Avenger comics I could buy, when I decided to see if there was any cool Hawkeye posters available.  Boy, did they ever.  One of the covers from the Mark Gruenwald Hawkeye limited series where he first met Bobbi (which happens to be one of my favorite stories)!  And yeah, it has Bobbi right there on the cover with Clint.  I don't think I gotta tell ya that I was sold the second I saw it, haha.  I'm gonna go frame shopping and try to get a really nice one for it.  No crappy plastic ones that fall apart, a nice proper wood one.  I can't guarantee there won't be happy-weeping when I put it on the wall...


                  @Rogue - Mid 70's, so not far off.  Beast joined the Avengers before it was cool, haha.  I actually just got the Serpent Crown hardcover yesterday too!  I thought I'd have to wait till Monday, so it was a pretty awesome surprise.  I really, really love the Cowboy Clint bits in it too.  I think it's hilarious that Clint's response to people freaking out over his "Man from Mars" costume, his solution is to take off his mask and shirt and to just walk around shirtless....the entire story arc.  He wears a trench coat for like one page when he's trying to be undercover, but he's still shirtless underneath it.  Judging by one guy's racist comment I think he's trying to pass off as a Native American, but Clint is pale, blue eyed, and blond...It's an awesome story though!  The setting is fun, Clint gets to live out his Wild West dreams and Thor gets a sweet fight against Kang!


                  It's always hard to tell whether a game is short or not the way you blow through em.  You'll beat an 80 hour game in a week, haha.  I hope you have a really comfy chair.  At least I've almost beaten Lego Marvel!  I think I'm around 95% or something.  I just need to get 7 or so minikits.  And I'll just ignore you've probably beaten five games in the time I've done Lego.


                  @Jad - Be sure to let the characters stand still for a little while and see their idle animations!  And the citizens around the city will have different comments depending on who you are, like I hear "Hey, it's what's his name!  Eagle Eye!" a lot, haha.  They have a lot of different "finishing" moves too, like the Black Widow one ya mentioned.  I think the Hobbit is packaged with only two of the movies cause the third one got delayed to December and maybe they didn't wanna spoil anything.  They really shoulda delayed the game too though instead a good chunk of the movies.


                  @Iron - That Eagles game was a real tough one.  The defense did pretty well throughout the game and got some turnovers, but the Eagles offense struggled up until the Saints had that big injury.  Even after they got the lead, I was worried though and the Saints came back to win it as I feared.  Had me bummed out for a bit, but what can ya do?  The Eagles season was still pretty good, coming off some lean years under Andy Reid.  But man, was that Chiefs game crazy.  Chiefs fans have to be heartbroken to lose that one, but ya gotta give it to the Colts for keeping at it when it looked like a blowout.

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                    Hawk you crack me up, I hope your cover/poster looks great over your mantle place.


                    Yeah I was sorry your Eagles lost since I wanted you to have another week of joy. But you are right the Eagles had a better season than expected and even better than it looked after the first few weeks. So you are taking a very mature attitude and you are right there is nothing you can do. I have a bad feeling if my Hawks lose I will not take it with such maturity, lol.

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                      All ps2 games are 75 percent off at Gamestop until they are completely gone from their stock.

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                        @Iron - And to think, I'm only exaggerating very slightly, haha.  The jury's out whether that's a good thing.


                        Haha, it's hard to really throw a fit, when I think a lot of it came down to the Eagle's inability to stop the 3 and short/4 and short downs.  Every time they did the QB sneak and every time Brees would easily get the first down.  The defense has gotta stop at least a couple of those or at least make the Saints try a different play.  Haha, the Hawks get the Saints, yeah?


                        @Ck - Nice!  There isn't really any PS2 games I'm interested in buying though.  Most of the stuff I want is for Steam or 360.

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                          So did you any of you guys watch the BCS championship game? Pretty good game.