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    New gamer

      Hi everyone.


      iI'm looking for a little info and assistance if anyone can help. my son got an xbox for Xmas and I got hooked playing it when he was in bed. I decided to buy myself black ops as reading articles that all the call of duties are good. I have been playing this game in several modes but more so in the free for all as I thought I would learn more. My problem is I constantly get killed and very rarely do I kill someone on it as I can never seem to be accurate at aiming and shooting. Now the game is great but my patience is wearing thin. Can anyone that's good at this game give me some pointers on how to be more accurate. Also every time in turn a corner I'm dead. Now I understand these guys have probably been playing for sometime and thats the reason these guys are bloody good at it. Some info and your expertise would be much appreciated.



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          Re: New gamer

          My boyfriend and I are new too! We've been playing for about a month.  I suggest you play combat training, team death match, start on recruit level. You'll be paying with and against AI characters, not real people (although xbox may use your friends names for th AI characters). You'll still die like mad at first, but you'll get comfortable fast. It's given us a chance to learn the maps, weapons, perks etc. and how the game is played.  We've learned so much doing this, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

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              Re: New gamer

              Thank you for your help. I have been playing in combat mode and you have that bit extra time to pick your man off. It will take time to adjust to the controllers cause as soon as you touch them your gun is everywhere. Much appreciated.

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              Re: New gamer

              When I was new to the game, I had the same problem. Now I'm Rank 14, Prestige 1 and I have game play videos of me and my friends playing on YouTube. Anyway, to start off, Free For All isn't always the best idea, since you're by yourself. I would start on Team Deathmatch, watch killcams of the other team, and watch your teammates for some tips and tricks to improve. Don't start off using a LMG. Not only will you be called a "noob" constantly, it won't help you with your aiming/shooting skills down the road. A MTAR is probably the best, and already unlocked from the start, weapon you can go with at first. (It's an assault rifle btw.) I used it, kept upgrading it, and found that the Target Finder was the best for getting quick killstreaks and learning how to get a better K/D ratio.


              My advice for not getting killed.. put some grip tabs on your analog sticks and turn the sensitivity up to high (I usually keep mine at 7). This allows you to make better/faster turns and aim better, thus enabling you to see around you better and not get killed.

              I hope this helped somehow

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