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    win problems for clan.

      How come when I win a game on blitz (trying to get a node by winning 20 games for cp) it won't count as a win on the app.


      I have 8 wins then won 4 more but it won't count as a win please help

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          If you are a recently added member, take in count the app and game work separately, so what you see in one of them, is not the same as the other of them.


          Generally the app is more updated and correct than the game info; make sure your app is updated and you show as a member of the clan on it.


          If that is so and you still have no updates on your wins, check in game if you have the node or not; one or both ways are giving you unupdated information or you are still not recognized as a clan member.


          Also, try to play in parties with your clan, solo wins sometimes get leaked, I've heard.

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            Hey CanadianBoss49,


            At the end of the Clan wars, the team that currently holds the node receives the win. As far the the Call of Duty app not updating properly, Beachhead is aware of this and is working on it. More info here Twitter / beachheadstudio: We're aware of some intermittent .... We will update the community once we get more information on the app status.