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    Ghosts Soundtrack redemption error



      i recently bought the Prestige Edition of CoD:Ghosts for the Playstation 4. The box was unopened.

      The FreeFall Map and the other exclusive content was easy to download, but as I went to

      "callofduty.com/ghosts/ce", logged in and entered the code, it says something like

      "The code you entered isn't valid. Please try again. Please ensure, that the code is written in capitol letters, to differenciate between 1 and L."

      I'm from Germany, that is because the original error message is slightly different, because it is trenslated. Here is the original message, for those of you who unterstand a little bit german:


      "Der von Ihnen eingegebene Code ist ungültig. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Code auf der Quadrotor-Herausforderungs-Münze in Großbuchstaben gedruckt wurde, um z. B. ein L von einer 1 zu unterscheiden."


      I checked the codes and tried again many times, but it doesn't work.






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