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    Why do people HACK?


      II'm 47 years old and my generation was taught to earn what they get...what's up with these kids hacking? Is it really that much fun. Is it because they are trying to compensate for something? Please enlighten me....

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          Because they suck.

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            There are no hackers on the PS4

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              No hacks in PS4? You are kidding, right?

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                No, I am not kidding. The PS4 (as a system) has not be hacked, therefore players cannot execute cheat programs on the system.


                I suspect when you say 'hacks' you really mean 'exploits'. In that case, yes, there are people that exploit. And to answer your question, the reason people exploit (and cheat when they can) is because today's generation have been raised on the premise of instant gratification - maximum return for minimum effort.

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                  right you say there's no hackers on ps4 can you tell me why i got put in a lobbie with the score like this and this one guy had god mode on  e90dbabcb83324e337dd483583193b5d.png  anything can be hacked xbox/sony/pc anything

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                    1. Because they suck

                    2. Because they have nothing better to do with their time.

                    3. Because they think they are helping others (with the xp hacks, but they are just pissing people off)

                    4. They want to make our lives a misery on cod.

                    5. They think its funny.

                    6. They want to be on the top of the leaderboards.

                    7. They hate the game (and activision) and want others to stop playing it too so they hack our profiles to try and make us stop playing the game.

                    8. Because they have not achieved anything else in life and if they successfully hack the game they are proud they have finally achieved something.

                    9. They are idiots.

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                      If you want to see PS4 hacks, just go on YouTube. Sorry to burst your bubble....

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                        The hacker/cheater will no doubt commit any type off game interference to his/her advantage for a number off reason...


                        [1] Hate too loose in a game it maybe with real people or AI's.
                        [2] Feels the need to alter the games flow to gain the "upper hand" for personal/team/squad reasons.
                        [3] Lacks the skill that might be required to play/win a game fairly.
                        [4] Cannot compete with others on a level playing field.
                        [5] Does not like too see other folks have fun with/without friends, prob' because he/she is a loner.
                        [6] Possibly for bragging rights.


                        There are a host off many different reasons why some people hack/cheat whilst playing games, some off these may include too gain an advantage over others' I have read many posts on here about lag which is and can be a major issue while relaxing on your console/pc and playing a few games with your friends, but have you ever considered that IT could be "Artificial Lag" this can be hidden from plain sight while you are playing on line, most off us will leave the lobby/room, some will stay because off their score at the time the "Artificial Lag" gets switched on, unfortunately this type off hacking/cheating is a little harder to detect even with devs introducing a built-in feature too try too combat this going on.


                        One off the popular type off hacking is but not excluding others is...


                        Wall-hacking (this one seams too be very popular atm)

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                          Backstabber14 wrote:


                          7. They hate the game (and activision) and want others to stop playing it too so they hack our profiles to try and make us stop playing the game.

                          I think this has to be the number one reason. It's really sad and unfortunate, but Call of Duty has the most unsatisfied brats who complain about every single new CoD game no matter what. The hackers feel like "well screw this game and the people who play it, since I hate this game (before I actually gave it a fair try) so I'm going to mess with everyone."


                          Hey, here's a radical thought! Only allow people who like Call of Duty to play it! (Pretty creative idea, right?)

                          Then again, with Activision/Infinity Ward/Treyarch doing nothing directly to ban hackers, the hackers are largely the game's fault as well.


                          The only innocent people here are the real CoD players who enjoy the game and have given it a fair try.

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