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    Ghosts - Maps+Killtimes feedback

      In this feedback thread I will not blame or hate towards anyone and I will give my honest opinion about Ghosts Multiplayer.




      So the killtimes are a very popular topic about Ghosts Multiplayer for a lot of people and ofcourse I want to give my feedback about this. First I want to say that the hit detection on Ghosts is very good, now the killtimes aren't a big issue for me but I can completely understand why people are having an issue with the killtimes in Ghosts. You die very fast and this encourages people to play very careful and campy especially on bigger maps. The Modern Warfare 2 killtimes were also very quick but they weren't as quick as in Ghosts which makes Ghosts feels like Hardcore. Suggesting to maybe increase the health would be a proper suggestion I guess and I think it will make Ghosts more fast paced and action packed and will increase the population a lot.




      So in Ghosts Infinity Ward tried a new way of designing maps which is great and I have no problem witht he new way the maps are designed but the sizes of the maps are an issue. All gamemodes are 6v6 except Ground War which is only on Next Gen which is fine but the maps are not designed for 6v6 which is the majority of the game. So I hope and highly suggest Infinity Ward to fix this by releasing some very good 6v6 designed DLC Maps with fast paced gameplay in medium/small scaled designs. I hope there will be plenty of Close Quarter DLC Maps medium and small scaled which will make the game feel more a live and action packed.


      So I also want to talk really quick about Heavy Duty. Heavy Duty shows a more fast paced version of Ghosts with higher killtimes and it feels very good. Snipers can't really do anything on it but making a new tab like Hardcore called Heavy Duty would be a very good thing to do. Adding the modes TDM, Domination and Ground War on it would make it perfect. Also adding the map Warhawk back into Ground War is a must because there was no good reason for removing it.


      I haven't seen anything yet of a Sniper nerf but I hope it is still coming because it's needed. Also nerfing the IED a bit by increasing it detonate time a bit would be a good idea.


      I wish everybody a very healthy and good gaming year and I'm looking forward to new COD Content and I hope it's good!

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          Re: Ghosts - Maps+Killtimes feedback

               I personally feel the game is just fine the way it is.  I like that the maps make you think a little bit, rather than just rushing to the other side, flipping spawns, repeat.


               I pretty much play HC only, so I don't have much of an opinion on TTK.  I've played core, and people do seem to die faster than they have in previous titles.  I've seen a lot of complaints about dying fast, but most are "I empty half a clip into this guy and he shoots me once and I die".  This is a lag issue, and no amount of health will cure it.  That being said, I find your idea for a heavy duty playlist valid.  Why not put it in there and see where it goes?


               Snipers have been adjusted.  They have reduced the ADS time and they no longer get the benefit of flinch reduction through focus. 

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            Re: Ghosts - Maps+Killtimes feedback

            The time-to-kill in Ghosts isn't any different. Some guns may have a few tweaks which give them better range or damage but the shots-to-kill are pretty much the same as they've always been.


            What give the impression of a faster TTK is, as you stated, the hit detection being better and lag not being much of an issue. This means that you kill someone in the first 3 shots you fire whereas before you had to shoot 10 rounds so that 3 would register.


            The maps are designed for GW. I played it on the PS4 and it's so much fun. You can still camp but remain very active. Even on maps like Siege and Stonehaven. I highly recommend playing GW if you ever have the chance.

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              Re: Ghosts - Maps+Killtimes feedback

              Killtimes always vary from title to title.  I think it's just a timing thing.  The more you play, the more you'll become acclimated to the timing of it. 

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                  Re: Ghosts - Maps+Killtimes feedback

                  Well, you die much quicker than in MW2 or MW3 which I think isn't that great because people aren't moving enough, they are scared to die because they can't fight back. Core feels a bit too much like Hardcore to me and in MW2 you still died fast but not that fast. Increasing the killtimes to make it more like the once in mw2/mw3 will make the game more fast paced and will give it more flow

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                  Re: Ghosts - Maps+Killtimes feedback

                  The spawns are completely ridiculous. The killing is fine but a lot of the time people don't even have hitmarkers and still get the kill. The amount of hackers is worse than any other call of duty ive ever played in my life. ive played since world at war. im not satisfied with ghosts.

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