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    Looking to merge....[PS3]

      We are THE LIMP CREW level 13 clan currently platinum division. we finished 2nd, 3rd, 1st. in last three clan wars. we are looking to join/merge with another gold/platinum clan around the same level. Looking for a clan that wants to win clan wars but also doesn't pretend they are the military. we play video games to have fun. We have 33 Members ranging from .35 - 2.60kd and all agaes. clan stats are kd 1.15 and 51% win. Tell me a bit about your clan and stats and if you send me to a website...... give yourself a stinkfist.

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          Re: Looking to merge....[PS3]

          We are EpicPwnageNation {EpN}. We are level 11 with about 27 members, and a 1.5 clan k/d with them ranging from 1.00-2-5.

          We do clan wars and have extremely active players. Msg mohd-wardak on PSN if you wanna merge clans.

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            Re: Looking to merge....[PS3]

            Give us a look we are BtcD  Bless the Cursed  we have 2 comp teams UK and US but Pubs we lack in  also here is our website  http://blessthecursed.com/home

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              Re: Looking to merge....[PS3]

              hey our clan is S-Bags only 4 members but all decent players, we are trying to build up so we can do just what you are talking about, all the gaming and none of the bs. we want to get competitive in the clan wars but its hard for us all to get on at the same time and like you we dont want someone holding a microscope to our stats. i know the numbers arent what you are looking for but let me know if your interesed. PSN: STRUGLE_SNUGGLER

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                Re: Looking to merge....[PS3]

                we are level 15 and have a clan KD of 1.83 win ratio of 70%


                clan name Sighted In SpeX 


                Clan tag [SpeX]


                Clan leader -  o_Starrk_o



                Clan Members - 48

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                  Re: Looking to merge....[PS3]

                  If your looking for a clan thats more like a family, then we are that clan. xIMMORTAL_GOON_GAMINGx is looking for loyal and active members to join our

                  family/clan. We are a "DRAMA FREE" clan. So if your a problem, dnt even apply.


                  We are looking for: S&D, S&R, DOM, BLITZ, CRANKED, AND HARDCORE PLAYERS.




                  PS3/LT.IMMRTL_MG, LT.MAN-GLAZE, NIGHTmareAx7alex, FEARTHEREAPER_3




                  360/ WE NEED LEADERSHIP


                  XBOX ONE/ WE NEED LEADERSHIP


                  GOLD CLAN TAGS: LEVEL 17


                  Apply at: xIMMORTALGOONx on call of duty ghost app.


                  When you get accepted you will first need to register on our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/xIMMORTAL_GOON_WAR_ROOMx

                  Then sign up for clan website at: http://trugoonsforlife.enjin.com/



                  Must be over 13

                  Being and "ACTIVE" member is what keeps you in the clan.

                  Having a mic is good. Cus we do callouts. But its not going to keep you frm getting in.

                  Doing CLAN WARS is a big part of staying in this clan. (Dnt apply if u dnt do them)

                  Respond to game invite and friend request from other members(Clan members first, friends second)

                  You must sign-up for clan website & facebook page.You must post at laest 2 post a week."CLAN RULES" (NOT POSTING MEANS YOUR NOT A FULLY ACTIVE MEMBER)

                  Have a 1.08 K/D minimum (I may think about give u a try if your K/D isnt under a 1.00

                  All new clan member must maintain over a 1.00 K/D. If it falls below, u will b warned to get it up before your removed from clan.

                  Always respect your fellow member, SQUAD LEADERS, and LT.COMMANDERS


                  IN RETURN:

                  You get to team up with some very skilled, but friendly people.

                  Get to learn how to work well with other team players.

                  Get to watch and learn from skilled players




                  Any clans looking to merge with us inbox GOONFRMDADE71, or any of the LT. COMMANDER.

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