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    Wii winter keep bug.

      on the aurora rails once I run out of snowman to throw and hit the target 3 times, I just keep going in circles on the rainbow rail. any help? thankyou

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          Using regular Wii my son and I have the same problem - perpetual rainbow rail ride after throwing and hitting the ship three times as instructed - how are you supposed to complete the level with this glitch preventing you from completion? Doesn't activision test these games before selling? Maybe you should re-eval your quality control program.

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            Found a fix ourselves!! Try playing with two players so you get six shots instead of one player with only three shots that hoses you!! worked for us and we are past the level now - BOOM

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              Hi Jiriki23,


              Thanks for posting.  It's a bit unclear the issue you are having.  Are you saying you run out of snowmen to fire while on the rainbow?  Or are you able to hit the target three time to destroy it but do not arrive to the next check point?  Please provide as much details as possible.


              Thanks ^AH

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                  My kids saw the same. They would destroy the first machine using the catapult to hit three times. Then they would ride the rails. After three hits, the snowman disappears, the toss gesture does nothing. Only button that works is A which makes you jump. Repeated it several times before I searched, found this, and they played 2 player to get around it.


                  Greg McKaskle