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    I'm having a problem with Chapter 11 - Winter Keep

      It's not just the Playstation and Wii U platforms... This game used on the regular Wii is full of glitches and bugs as well. Activision really failed on this release and they need to check their quality control program. My son and I are stuck in a perpetual rainbow rail ride in the Winter Keep chapter and after attempting the level three times you can't complete the level. I thought all game producers had people who tested their product across mutli-platforms before releasing for public sale? I can offer a deal.... give us the games for free and we'll test them for you before you start pissing off the public for $75 a pop! Happy New Year.


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          Hi JcFlorida,


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          To better assist you, can you please provide us with more details of the issue you are having?  I noticed you replied in another discussion how you were able to complete the level.  We would still like to know more details.  Please indicate the previous steps you attempted prior to completing the level.


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              I am having the same problem, I think.  When I ride the rainbow bridge to the last section, where the Illuminator Tower is, I pick up two snowmen on the way there, and then I see six enemies throwing snow at me.  I use the Wiimote to throw snow balls at them, but they don't disappear, and my snow gets depleted.  After I have hit each enemy once (I have enough snow to all six once each), all my snow is gone, and I'm stuck going around and around on the rainbow rail, with no way to get past that part.  All of the enemies are still active.  I have posted a video showing me hit the last two "active" enemies.  You can see they get hit, but don't die.  They just shrug off the hit and keep attacking.