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    K.E.M Strikes in Care Packages


      Do any of you think that it is really stupid that you can get a KEM in a carepackage? Yesterday when I was playing DOM I was the victim of 4 KEM strikes, and not ONE of then was a legit 25 killstreak. I think its stupid that you can get something so powerful just from a field order. What do you all think?

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          I like them. They spent a lot of time on the map altering feature. I enjoy the change in scenery.


          Here's another thread with players views.


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            yea there strong but the one on strikezone really only kills you once and i think they put them in cp just to show off what they can do.  i have seen alot more on strikezone from cp than any other map probably due to the change in map design. warhawk sucks for me cause i play hc and if you call it in you spend the next min spawning so i dont even call it in anymore.

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              4 K.E.M strikes in one match? It certainly does seem a bit overkill to me and if what you say is true and all were the result of care packages then the care packages hardly seem random at all. However, I disagree with you about not allowing K.E.M strikes in care package as the only way you can get a care package is to complete the field orders. Besides you can always steal the enemies care package.

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                I think that it's IWs way of trying to justify and show off all the time they spent on that one (relatively useless) feature... time that could've been much better spent doing other things.  They want people to see it, think it's cool, and buy the game. 

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                  Yes, it is really REALLY dumb that you can get a KEM strike in a care package. I hope they take this out. Honestly the game is great. There is few things I can think of that urk me but one of the main things that does urk me is KEM strike care packages.

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                      So how does your opinion differ from the other posts whining about players using Riot Shields, I.E.Ds, this type of gun, or that player hiding in the same corner over and over gaining kill after kill because they also happen to be using Amplify. Is it because you are addressing a different topic? Or is it because you say " I like the game but it would be better for me if IW would just...."?


                      I too have been killed by K.E.M strikes whether they were an earned Killstreak reward or a Care package freebie the end result was the same, I died. One time it happened my team still won the match and I had ended it with a positive K/D. Yes, it can be annoying when someone gets a K.E.M by killing another player with a non-killstreak explosive, But it can be equally annoying to get 3 non-killstreak kills in a row only to get a SatCom. Maybe a good compromise could be the K.E.M strike Care package can only be earned if you get 7 non-killstreak reward kills?


                      As I said earlier, Care packages can be stolen. You get a shoutout when the chopper is on it's way to deliver it, the Care package location is revealed on the mini-map, and it takes time for the player to receive the goods inside (tho admittedly it takes about 3 seconds to receive).


                      I think the only thing that lovers or haters of the game can agree completely on is the Spawn model that Ghosts is currently using.

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                          The difference is I do not make countless threads complaining about them like others do for Op weapons, OP guard dog, bad lag, bad spawns, etc etc. I reply to one topic and simply say that one of the few things I dislike is Kem strike care packages.


                          And the thing is my dislike is fact. There are Kem strikes, in care packages, and it only takes one kill to 3 kills to get it. That is fact. People saying that a weapon is OP is completely opinion based.

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                        If it bothers you that much just avoid the strikezone map. That is the only map you will see them on. Personally they don't bother me, there is no way I will ever get a 25 kill streak for one any time soon so I quite like that I have a chance to get one via a care pack.

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                          What have you got to do to get a KEM in the first place? I've seen them called in by people 12-0 and people that are 25 - 12. Personally, I've had 16-0 matches with no KEM and a 20+ - 0 matches and had no reason to believe anything special had happened. What gives?

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                            C'mon, we've all been nuked, moabed, ac130'd, reapered, chopper gunnered and all the other high streaks gotten by straight gun kills or from a care package.  Does it really matter that much how someone gets a streak?  The effects are same are they not? I'd rather the devs focus on fixing the spawn system and adding ground war back to the xb360 than them tweaking the field orders and care package system.  All because you don't like it personally doesn't mean it needs to be fixed.

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                              the kem shoulb be just a random event on the maps that can change. Nobodygets the kill credits