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        30. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

        I don't think I have ever complained about nerfing and buffing. Dogs are fine. My issue is with the overall quality of the game including netcode (matchmaking, lag blalancing, player hosts), and most important PACE of the game. Never has there been a COD game with such a slow pace due to map size, sound perks and instadeaths.

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          31. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

          They are both terrible when it comes to lag, spawns, and security the only difference between both games is the reason why the spawns are bad on both games. The spawns are bad in Black Ops 2 because the maps are too small and the spawns weren't dynamic enough as for Ghosts the only reason the spawns are bad is because the logic is set to always spawn you near your team mates not to mention the spawns are too dynamic as well with a static twist on objective based games. Long story short Ghosts spawn logic is just too hectic. They need to make the spawn logic anti-enemy meaning it always spawns you away from the enemy no matter what even if your team mates aren't around because the fact a lot of the map's areas aren't being used.

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            34. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

            All the games MOSTLY play the same for me. At least in their lifetime. I dont play straight out online mode after the modders take over.


            I think the moderators should make this thread a sticky for all the people that say "I just went back to GAMENAME and it was perfect with hit detection, blah blah blah."

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              35. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

              Agree. Stickies could eliminate many repeat threads.

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                36. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                Honestly, the only thing I've really had to complain about with Ghosts have been the deplorable spawn system... FFA spawns on team based modes is the laziest idea in the history of bad Infinity Ward ideas, but I digress... and honestly, my transition from BO2 into Ghosts was perfectly smooth.. which was COMPLETELY new for me... anytime I've gone from an IW game to a Treyarc CoD, it's been like a night to day transition in terms of gameplay (sorry, in my opinion 3Arc CoD's are a smoother experience), so when I play the next IW CoD the following year it's such a dramatically different experience with how you move, how guns move and how animations flow that I suck air for weeks until I wrap my brain around how the new IW CoD functions, and that's not usually a good thing... I feel like I'm taking several steps backwards in those terms when I went from BO to MW3.. it was seriously a smoothness downgrade, though it sported other features that were nice. new, or upgraded..


                Then I play BO2 and again, night to day once again... though I still laugh at how bad knifing was in BO2, getting good at it on there despite how busted it was made me really good at it on Ghosts here... but here comes Ghosts, and I'm ready with "Time to suck again!" but my first match and it was like I hadn't switched games at all in terms of fluidity of movement, animation, and overall smoothness... it was a day to day, we skipped night this time around! lol my first match was the best first match I've ever had on an IW CoD, it was almost the K/D quality of my first 3Arc CoD matches... BO2 my first match was 25 and 2, my first Ghosts match was 18 and 1, I couldn't believe it, I didn't have to tackle a new curve... it was seamless coming right off BO2 the night before...


                So in terms of going back, I just did... and I preformed either usual level, or better for about 5 matches.. and the biggest reason, this multiplayer engine plays just as smooth as that one, so there's no hiccup for me.. this one just features shotguns that can kill people and a knife that hits its target lol

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                  37. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                  SMH Not another person who says you cannot run and gun in Ghosts like you could in other games.


                  I agree Blops 2 is horrid. IMO either the worst or second worst since Cod 4.

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                    38. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                    LOL yeah if you count the million or so people who play it every single day "a small portion"

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                      39. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                      Blops 2 was a much better game IMO. Blops 2 felt more competitive. None of the game modes feel competitive in Ghosts. I  am an objective player that mostly plays TDM in Ghosts because people don't play the objective in Ghosts. TDM is a joke though. I've learned that a lot of the bad players hang out in TDM. Most of them try to camp but they cant even do that very well. Its not even a challenge to hold a 2.0 K/D playing TDM.


                      Blops 2 took more skill to play and didn't hold your hand like Ghosts does. Gun battles don't exist in Ghosts since the time to kill is so fast and there are so many perks and equipment that scream just sit in spot and wait like a hunter in a tree stand. I can hear people plain as day in this game but yet there is a perk to make footsteps even louder. Reallly??? It takes a lot of skill to wait and listen. I could go on but I will stop there.

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