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        Remember how Treyarch said the MMS, Ghosts nerf, and Hunter Killer would make camping ineffective?

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          Well considering the games are going to be completely different, it really doesn't reflect on how this game should be made.

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            Unless they put a crazy amount of ADS time on the scope in ,then QSing will always be possible and to be honest I can't see that happening as this game looks really fast paced so it just wouldn't be practical . Can't wait to see some wall running parkour 720 ballerinas jumping about all over the place loool

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              deamonomic wrote:


              Hate to brake it to ya, but if your continually losing to a QS while using an SMG or an AR or a shot gun in CQC, your doing something wrong.

              also, the vast majority of people who play call of duty, dont have youtube accounts or the ability to upload. And at that of the ones who do have the ability to upload, only a portion of them QS, there are plenty of Youtubers who dont QS at all.


              You argue for balance and actually have a decent definition of balance. But the thing is that Snipers are more difficult to use the farther outside their long range domination zone you go. Upclose they are and always have been at a disadvantage. The fact that snipers can get kills upclose does not destroy the balance because AR's, can get kills at any range, so can SMG's, So can pistols, So can Tubes and RPG's, Throwing knifes, tomahawks, LMG's, Marksman. Infact the only weapons in the game that cant regularly go outside their main zone are shotguns and theres an attachment for that. So honestly, it would be stranger for them to not allow snipers to be able to kill upclose.


              You admit that QS have lower K/D. They have a lower K/D because they regularly lose out in CQC. They regularly lose out because they are at a disadvantage.

              I hate to be the one to "break" it to you, but I never admitted that quickscopers have a low KD ratio, I only said that they try to justify what they do by saying they get a low KD by doing it.

              I also never said that I continually lose out to quickscopers. I said that when they do get a kill, it's BS and shouldn't have happened in the first place.

              You say that quickscopers have a disadvantage up close so I thought I'd try it out for myself and this was the result: CoD Ghosts: Quickscoping Test - YouTube
              I must say, it was even easier than I thought it would be. Considering I stopped sniping in CoD some time around World at War, I think I did okay. I had three games against bots first to try out a few different class setups and then I went to public TDM and recorded the games. I have a few more games on my hard-drive as well but I thought this was enough to show how cheap and easy it really is for now.

              But if this is after the nerf, I hate to think how cheap and easy it was before the nerf.

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                The child dollar? So you are suggesting that the majority of quickscopers are children? LOL Quickscoping takes a decent amount of skill. They are not 8-15 year olds doing the quick scoping. It is the 16 and up super nerds. I don't really like quickscoping but I realize that it is highly unlikely it will be taken out. Not like it is a big problem. Quick scopers are in like every 1/5 or 1/10 games I play and most of the time they are just average quickscopers.
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                  Try playing Domination quickscoping.


                  As for your video that would even be considered quickscoping.  That is what parts of the community would consider fast sniping.  And in your video didn't really show how cheap it was.  It just looked like normal gameplay to me.  Nothing out of the ordinary, coming from a tryhard/run and gunner like myself.


                  As for the nerf, it was a very minor nerf, hardly even noticeable.

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                    Yes I am suggesting that the majority of quickscopers live with their parents...


                    lol seriously though yes, I believe the majority of them are under 18 years old... Look what happens at 4pm when school is finished... And look what happens on Christmas day...


                    Are you suggesting that children cannot have "a decent amount of skill"?

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                      W_E_A_P_0_N_11_ wrote:


                      need my stats.. enter in error_6_

                      Wasn't that your old forum name on here?

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                        Just did the Ghillie suit to see how hard sniping and quickscoping really is on this game, and as I expected... It is far easier to get kills in Core with a sniper than an LMG...


                        One hit kills even with a suppressor in comparison to people running off with 2 or 3 or 4 hitmarkers on them from my LMGs...


                        Bolt actions are easily the most deadly gun in the game... FACT...


                        Same Scope, Same Shots, Same Tactics (camp, move, camp, move) far easier with a bolt action...

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                          The best rifle in the game is the Lynx anyway.  The LMGs have a slower centrespeed from previous games unfortunately.

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