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    surrounds sound settings


      what have they done with the surround sound settings

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          There is none, you get stereo, stereo and stereo. Xbox one decided it was not needed for the release of the one and said it will come in a future update.

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              i really am shocked at the failure of the nex gen xbox launch . no surround sound , no way to use your headphones unless you slice/dice and solder , no control freek devices for launch , no really great launch titles , the party chat is useless and awkward


              anything else i missed ?

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                  I am surprised as well that dolby was not released, since no one can use their headsets ( In my case, xp 500 ) they did not see it as a deal breaker in those who were going to buy the xbox one. Seems Geokelson has it right on the mark, then the second wave of xbox one's get released and in other markets, we will probably see dolby.

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                Kontrol freeks are available now and the dolby issue will be sorted by by February I think or early this year at the most, so they say!!! But you're right it should of all been sorted by launch.