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        40. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

        I jumped on MW3 yesterday and for all the many problems that game has, I had a good time.  Same thing with BO2 today, same broken issues but I have to say (and I hate saying this) I had more fun playing those two than I do playing Ghosts.  I think it has to do with (at least for me) the pacing of matches.  Constant battles long and close, fun streaks and just overall more action.  Now don't get me wrong I like Ghosts but it feels less like the COD I know and love.

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          41. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

          BOII's lagging a bit more for me lately.  But that's still a very small number of games for me.


          For me, it's playing fine except the usual Nuketown coming up over and over. 

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            42. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

            It's all personal preference and there is no definite answer to what is better than the other.


            Between Ghosts and BO2, I prefer BO2 as it fits my playstyle. It's more rush friendly (and I typically rush), the scorestreak system is in my opinion better than the pointstreak system for objective game modes and I find it more enjoyable to play for long periods.


            Ghosts is just not my COD title. A session of BO2 would be around 3 hours until I'm bored and move onto something else but for Ghosts, it'll be about an hour until I'm just tired of playing it regardless of how I do. It's not that I do terrible at Ghosts but it's the gameplay I find boring.


            But I'm glad to hear that there are people who do enjoy Ghosts and aren't part of the "COD bandwagon" of hating the new title and praising the previous COD titles. With BO2, I continued to play it until the end and never felt the need to go back to previous COD titles even though it had issues.

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              43. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

              Can't argue with BOII being friendly to rushers.  That said, it's also friendly to other styles.  I'm somewhere in between a rusher and a camper.  I use map and spawn familiarity for my kills.  With map and spawn familiarity, I find myself not needing to rush at all.  Simply, I move to positions all over the map where I know traffic will be and either wait or flank. 


              I haven't played Ghosts but have carefully reviewed the map design.  For me, with my playstyle, I think I would do just as well as I did in BOII if I learned the maps and spawns.


              My point is map skills and spawn anticipation will always be the essential skills to have to do well in CoD.  Regardless of the title variations. 

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                44. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                Yeh there was some of that.  But a skilled player, not rushing or camping for spraying, can still do very well. 

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                  45. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                  Hit detection for me in Blops2 was ok, i can put that disc in and it plays quite well, ghosts is a different game all together,crap comes to mind,i still play it as i wont be beaten by it,  probably why there are so many hackers in the game, prestige hack is rife on here for starters, just hope these clowns get deranked soon,i find it hard to believe that one person in game was a 10th in 3 days,, another 3rd prestige  4 hours, probably doing in stages to make it look like he is legit,

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                    46. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                    I much prefer Ghosts to BO2 - BO2 never worked properly for me so hated it from the start.


                    I went back to COD4 this weekend, its still brilliant but has its flaws - Hackers Galore, No Host Migration/Host ended game.


                    But apart from that its still a blast.  It looks great still too!  Had some excellent gun battles, something that has been missing from every game since.  Think its due to the fact that every gun in later cods is like a laser with zero recoil.


                    Cod 4 certainly feels more realistic and when I can get a decent amount of friends together will be playing more.

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                      48. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                      lol, bo2 was a better game in every single way, hit detection in this game is crap combined with a horrible lag comp.

                      There is no skill required in this game at all.

                      Everyone just sits back and camp with amplify and dead silence, everyone uses the same guns, the same perks etc etc.

                      Don't forget the I.E.D.S worse than fkn noobtubes.

                      There aint even any gunfights because the guy that sees the other one first wins if he knows how to ads and pull the trigger.

                      Fortunately Treyarch will develop next game, Infinity Ward don't know how to make games anymore.

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                        49. Re: Went back and played Black Ops 2

                        Well said, Hattor, though i agree with some of the subsequent responses -- there are certainly aspects of BLOPS2 that could be argued to be objectively (using the term loosely) better than Ghosts.  I would never claim that BLOPS2 was better overall than Ghosts.  By and large, they're just "different", as you stated.


                        Examples of where BLOPS2 might have been better:

                        - Gun aesthetics.  Yeah this is pretty subjective, but the look, feel, and (most importantly) sound of the guns in BLOPS2 were so much meatier, differentiated, solid...just viscerally pleasing.

                        - Spawns.  Much has been said about this already, but Ghosts TDM is basically BLOPS2 FFA now (only worse and less predictable), in terms of spawns.

                        - Explosives and tacticals.  This is certainly debatable, particularly because certain of these were pretty OP in BLOPS2 (e.g., EMP), but considering how few people seem to be running these in Ghosts, I think it's a solid indicator of a need for a tweak.  Fully cook a 9bang and all I get is a temporary disablement of enemy equipment?  Waste of a slot.

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