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        20. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

        So what you are saying is that the extreme of spawn trapping is an exploit, not all spawn trapping.  Just want to get that clear, because most people consider all spawn trapping an exploit even if most spawn trapping is considered map control.

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          21. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

          There is a thin, blurred line.


          But I think all players would agree it is bad form to camp spawn points.


          If you are playing an objective mode and allow yourself to get pinned in an area of the map, that is on you. And it is on the Devs to provide diverse routes and tools to allow players to break spawn traps.


          Part of the reason I don't play a lot of Objective Modes. I just don't see the fun in doing that often. If it happens in TDM, you know the other team is on point and communicating well.

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            22. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

            This is a good description of the difference between spawn camping and trapping.


            If my random or clan teammates are all on the other side of the map and doing a good deal of killing, I might take a nice position on the other side facing the place where the opponents will very likely spawn.  In fact, I tend to run away from my teammates just so I can do this.  To me, this is just map skills.


            OTOH, if I'm just sitting at a place where I think an opponent will spawn, and having no awareness of where my teammates or opponents are, just hoping that someone will spawn there, that's spawn camping.  It doesn't take much skill to sit in front of a known spawn point and hope that someone will spawn there.


            The confusion comes from the spawn camper and spawn trapper can be found to be at the exact same location.  But the latter is there because he's skillfully anticipated the opponents' location; whereas the former was just hoping. 

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              23. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

              You had a chance when the game started to keep them from spawn trapping. They are better than you and the randoms you are playing with. what do you want them to do. Go to the back of the map and let you have a fair chance. Please. If you don't want to get spawn trapped, don't play with randoms in objective game modes by yourself

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                24. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

                Sorry, this relates to something I said.. how?

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                  25. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

                  Without getting tied in definitions of spawn camping, trapping, killing etc...


                  If a team can coordinate themselves as to not allow a spawn flip, and the enemy can only come at them from one side (or corner) of the map: that is perfectly legal and yes, the team is good - what else would one consider good? (In fact that has been described on CODwikis - and even Elite - for years as a good map control strategy)


                  If a team exploits a spawn flaw on a map (or maps) and set themselves up so people are spawning in their line of sight and can keep killing them as they spawn: that is bad, and people have been banned for it (both the killers, and those who allowed themselves to be killed over and over).  The question about this is: why did they not fix it?


                  When a game goes live and hundred of thousands of people play it, there is bound to be some glitches or flaws found by the masses. I think they are electing that the players report the flaws so they can be fixed, instead of repeatedly exploiting them.

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                    26. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

                    The only problem i have with spawn trappers is they NEVER play people who would have a chance of winning. They only play people with much worse stats, no mics, and defiantly no clans. Spawn trapping is for plyers who want to gloat their stats but not back it up with action.

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                      27. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

                      ghamorra wrote:


                      Spawntrapping has been declared by the developers as illegal.

                      Developers never said that. They even stated that one of the tactics is to immediately control the spawn points.


                      Spawn KILLING MIGHT be considered boosting if the enemy team is in on it.


                      Mattks, an old moderator who banned people stated something very close to this quote about spawn killing "Their is a fine line between it being a legitimate tactic and not allowing any chance of escape. If you find yourself stabbing people as they appear then you need to step back."

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                        28. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

                        So you cant PM him the link ?

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                          29. Re: Does Spawn Trapping make your clan good?

                          Here is the tweet. So NOW we are at an impass because we got two different PETs saying two different things.




                          But I will say this. The IW enforcers were disbanded after about 6 months but for respect I will not say why.


                          And the "new Bancandy" named Brady doesnt do banning as far as I know anymore. He definitely didnt know what the rules were. BanCandy "Candice" has moved up in the world.

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