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        20. Re: Why do people HACK?

        The PS4 as not being hacked yet but the PS3 is so the way it works is that if someone hacked his PS3 and hacked his character(s) in COD GHOST he can transfer them to the PS4 so if you see someone hacking/cheating on the PS4 its because he brought it from the PS3 it is simple as that

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          21. Re: Why do people HACK?

          Appreciate that I do not cheat; I do however, understand that people think differently and will justify anything they do (even if I cannot understand why they cheat, I understand they think they are justified).


          And I would agree they are selfish... but they don't.

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            22. Re: Why do people HACK?

            PS4 is not hacked (as far as I know) - The COD Loadout system is flawed and supports hackers. Put simply the Loadout (Which is stored on Activision Servers) says what guns perks etc are selected in it. It also has debug features such as wall hack, no clipping, and god mode which can be activated within the Loadout (Just no via the standard interface. BTW this is not new to Ghosts it is in Mw2 and Mw3.


            Hackers hack these loadouts on Jailbroken PS3s turning on all perks, mini gun as secondary weapon and debug features then use the same PSN account on PS4 which uses the same loadout from PS3. This brings all the hacks (Debug features) across to PS4.

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              23. Re: Why do people HACK?

              Hey, if your generation was so great, then why is this country (USA) so screwed? Your parents and grandparents sacrificed everything to win the war, and what did you do? Vote to give yourself money, driving this country to a debt level that it will never recover from.

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                24. Re: Why do people HACK?

                HMMM. With out defending any one but... let me point out a few things for you...


                [1] THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN CRISIS, over five countries have become bankrupted and they ALL fought in this war that you refer too.

                [2] Please do not single out people or countries without 100% proof off your statements

                [3] What this got to with gaming?

                [4] I'm also from the OP's generation....wanna take a pop at me!!! ohh, I'm from Ireland, is this ok with you.

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                  25. Re: Why do people HACK?

                  My wife can tell you why I hack.


                  I've been hacking for over week now with a stupid flu bug.


                  I used to hack because I smoked two packs a day. But I don't smoke now so that's no longer why I hack.

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                    26. Re: Why do people HACK?

                    I have read this thread and since we all agree there are cheaters and hackers on ps4 , the question now is what does activision , infinityward , and treyarch plan to do about it ? There has to be something they can do about this , maybe they can fix match making in ghosts so that non cheaters always play together and cheaters only play against other cheaters and hackers? I am just tossing idea's around but this would be cool right ?

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                      27. Re: Why do people HACK?

                      At least Beach Head are trying, a Clan cheated in the 'London Clan war' this past weekend. Won't go into it, a friend contacted Beach Head (At least I think it was them) whom he new from MW3 and within 24 hours all was sorted and acheavements issued accordingly

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                        28. Re: Why do people HACK?

                        The fix for Loadout hacking is really simple for PS4.


                        A loadout is applied when the player spawns. So as that loadout is being applied check it for inconsistencies such as God mode or mini gun as secondary.


                        If the game spots inconsistencies then reset the loadout to a default loadout. You don't even need to ban the player (Unlikely but there is a possibility that player had a hack pushed onto their account) just stop the cheating.

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                          29. Re: Why do people HACK?

                          Hackers are just annoying players in general hopefully they find a solution to get rid of them.

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