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    So whats the general opinion on Ghosts?

      Been playing since Christmas and was just wondering what the larger opinions of the hardcore community are.


      Havnt had to wait until Christmas to play since MW2 and im not going to lie its been rough.


      So far Ive only noticed 2 or 3 maps that I like. All the guns I like have obstructive sights and I feel like IW is forcing a RDS on me.


      And something I would really like to know everyones opinions on is strafing to aim. In past CoD's I always noticed when I would strafe to correct my aim sometimes my sights would stay fixed where the were at, just to the left or right of my target. Didnt happen to often and from what I understood it happens sometimes due to a mechanic of the aim assist.


      Well anyway in Ghost it happens everytime. For the life of me I cant strafe to adjust my aim. Its so bad I am working on lowering my sensitivity so I can use my left stick to adjust.


      Of course all this could just be me as I am a christmas noob this year lol.


      Dont get me wrong, its not bad but its definately not going to be my favorite CoD.