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    Anyone wanna start a band? (Xbox)

      like the name says, anyone wanna start a band? (Expert Only)


      I play Expert Guitar, so I need a Drummer, Bassist, and Vocalist.


      I have

      - Guiter Hero 2

      - Guitar Hero 3

      - Guitar Hero: World Tour

      - Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

      - Guitar Hero: Van Halen

      - Guitar Hero: Metallica

      - Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

      - Guitar Hero 5

      - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

      (I think I have all of them for the Xbox)

          (- My Warriors of Rock also has the Smash Hits, and GH 5 DLC's)


      If you're interested, reply or message me on xbox with your gamertag and which games you have.


      My Gamertag is Eva 2 Shikinami.

        • Re: Anyone wanna start a band? (Xbox)

          [Update] -----------------------------------------------------------------


          I have a Bassist and a maybe for a Vocalist. I currently have no Drummer.


          My Bassist, however, does not have WoR, so I need a Temp Fill-in Bassist for WoR sessions.


          [TL;DR] ----------------------------


          I need a Temp Bassist who owns WoR;

          I'm still looking for a Vocalist;

          and I need a Drummer.