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    Golden Camouflage

      What is the hardest camouflage you have to unlock in order to get Golden?


      Snow Camo: Get 75 kills with this weapon.

      Brush Camo: Get 150 kills with this weapon while crouched.

      Autumn Camo: Get 35 assists with this weapon.

      Ocean Camo: Get 20 rescue kills with this weapon.

      Scale Camo: Get 100 kills with this weapon while leaning.

      Red Camo: Get 150 kills with no attachments on this weapon.

      Caustic Camo: Get 3 kills in one life 25 times with this weapon

      Crocodile Camo: Get 40 long shot kills with this weapon.

      Green Camo: Get 40 point blank kills with this weapon.

      Net Camo: Get 500 kills with this weapon.

      Trail Camo: Get 35 kills with this weapon shortly after reloading.

      Woodland Camo: Get 15 kills with this weapon shortly after sliding.

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          for me its the 100 lean kills

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            Leaning or Sliding kills.

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              Because I only play HC the rescue kills were the hardest for me - others weren't too bad. I found the leaning kills were easy on certain maps (Warhawk and Strikezone) as there are plenty of places to set up for them.......

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                It depends on the gun I'm using (SMG or AR) really, but I'd say either leaning or point-blank kills, partly because you have to be so close to get the point blanks. I don't have a single gun gold, and by the end of it may not have any, but I'm not really worried. If it happens that's cool, but I switch my guns too often to concentrate on just getting the camo for one.

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                  rescue kills. had to go to core to get them. almost impossible in HC

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                    lean kills are the most time consuming especially as i prefer run and gun


                    rescue kills as i play hardcore are a pain and a half to get so i usually play blitz for a few games to get them

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                      Lean is the hardest for me.  I don't lean naturally.  So unless I'm trying to do it then it just doesn't happen.  I have a few guns with all or pretty much all of the other camoes unlocked but those lean kills are what's holding me back.

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                          If you have any desire to get those guns gold and only need the lean kills - wait for a match on either Warhawk or Strikezone. There are (2) places on each map where you should be able to log quite a few of these:


                          Warhawk - in the garage across the street from the bar - you can kneel behind one of the boxes/pallets on the left and watch the alleyway / bar exit for people - HIGH traffic area ; Behind the tank (looking towards the end of the street) - if you kneel you can lean around the tank and watch people either sniping from the window(s) or running in and out of the alley and garage


                          Strikezone - In the small hallway between the bar and the market area - stand and lean around the corner and as people enter the hallway you can pick them off pretty easily ; On the stairs (near where "A" flag is if you play Dom) there is a stack of crates - you can kneel and lean around those to look straight down the marketplace corridor - HIGH traffic area

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                          Lean kills by far. once you get started its not so bad, but getting the first 50 really sucks.

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                            Lean kills. There are some other requirements for camo's that you didn't list. Probably sniper. I know there is a requirement for kills while prone.

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                              Point blanks without a doubt

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                                I didn't want to start a new thread, so found this one suitable.


                                Does anyone have any tips for getting long shots with ARs please?  I've managed to get 18 without thinking about them or concentrating on it.  When I try to get them though, it seems I'm not long enough   Using the Honey Badger.  Tried VMR, and have managed 1 in around 10 rounds   Mostly playing TDM as in my fav mode, KC is useless.

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                                    For the Honey Badger use Foregrip,single shot,and hybrid.Essentially use it like a VKS or marksman rifle.Should be able to get quite a few by sitting in the back of a map while watching the long sight lines.You will only need 2-3 shots if chest and head shots.


                                    To make using it easier use incog,focus,attachments, and whatever else you can fit in.

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                                    lean second point blank with the lmg's


                                    ynneBenny I don't know the what distance you need in ghosts for a long shot. I got mine with lmg with VMR in domination.

                                    When your team has 2 flags and you go in the middle of those. Covering the B flag and looking toward flag enemy it's easier to get. On maps when the flags are in a line. Maps where the flags are in a triangle it's harder.

                                    And try not to get into close quarter battles but get to advance points overlooking those and high traffic area's. So play a bit like a sniper.

                                    Other tip use a sight with a dot you're comfertable with. sight can really help for the longshots and equip muzzle brake

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                                      Lean kills for sure lol.Only gotten a few so far.Slide kill i don't even have one, but that is because i haven't tried.I'm always dropshotting and strafing.

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                                        I wouldn't say hard as much as a grind, the stupid lean kills. I mean really?! 100 frickin lean kills on almost every gun type. I got all the ARs gold and I don't even feel like going for gold anymore thos lean kills are annoying, everything else just sort of happens on their own, I'd rather do 100 headshots. All the camos you earn are also pretty lame, with gold being the only one I use aside from body count and kiss of death.