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        Yay Rogue you finally saw it. Was a very awesome movie and enjoyed it on pretty much every level. One of my Fav parts is what Mjolner does towards the end of the movie, that was very cool.


        Jad get off of your butt and see this movie. Tell your wife you have to run an errand and disappear for a couple of hours, wives love when you do that, lol.

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          Well this is technically more like Iron Man 3 news, but it's about the Marvel One-Shot on the Thor Bluray so I'm putting it here!

          As the short begins, Slattery has agreed to do his first interview with a documentary filmmaker (Argo’s Scoot McNairy), who is chronicling the aftermath of Tony Stark’s latest saga. In the photo above, they are seen sitting in Slattery’s surprisingly expansive prison quarters, which is adorned by memorabilia from his less than stellar past. Note the King Lear poster on the back wall (three and a half stars) which, as Iron Man 3 told us, was once “the toast of Croydon — wherever that is.”

          McNairy’s documentary not only delves into the actor’s past (including a look back at an outrageous Miami Vice-like failed TV pilot from the ‘80s) but is trying to figure out if The Ten Rings is really out there, and possibly targeting the jailed thespian for making a mockery of their organization.

          I'm interested to see if this helps/changes any opinions on how Mandarin was handled and maybe how it ties into IM1 with the Ten Rings and all that.

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            Sweet!  I hope this gives us the real Mandarin as it has been rumored.  It's been one of the few mistakes Marvel has made and the one shot would be an easy way to correct for the fans that were disappointed we didn't get a Mandarin faithful to the comics.

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              Oh yeah, I read an article about that earlier today.  I'd be kinda surprised to see the real Mandarin show up in a One-Shot, but I bet we'll at least see how his acting was based on the Ten Rings group from the first Iron Man movie, at least.  At the very least, it'll probably be a funny 15 minutes or whatever. 

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                I really hope they do the real mandarin and he rips Kingsley to shreds for having the audacity to imitate him. Maybe they can do that in IM4 with a new guy playing Tony Stark since RDJ won't be doing anymore IM movies, but who knows he might change his mind.

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