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    Looking for some good players to party up with- PSN

      I am looking to unlock some tags and play all different types of game modes, but it is extremely hard to do this when you play with a bunch of random noobs that leave half way thru the game. So if you play bops 2 and are a decent player add me up so we can help each other. I so far have 2 reliable players so just need a few more, we play different game modes all the time, its been really fun, just need to fill the empty slots. Add me Redhat06


      Also i did start a new clan for those who want to do some clan ops with us, were starting this weekend, i dont care either way if you want to join then great or if you would rather just play together thats fine as well, my goal is to just have a good party of 6 to play with as often as we can.


      Here is the link to apply if interested