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    Suddenly, the whole enemy team can hear me thru Dead Silence AND have Dead Silence.

      I'm new to the Xbox One version of this game, so I didn't notice it much in the beginning; but I can hear my own steps when I'm with Dead Silence equipped, despite that, I believe enemy players can also hear me without amplify.


      I've been sound detected a few times wearing Dead Silence AND crouched, by people without amplify.


      Besides, I seem to have issues hearing enemies footsteps. If a teammate is right next to me and starts sprinting away, I can hear his steps until he reaches the very end of the minimap; but I just cannot hear enemies if they are not in my screen.


      I've been backstabbed by someone sprinting over metal without Dead Silence and I heard absolutely no footsteps at all. (this was in the second floor of the granary on Freight, the guy climbed the ladder on the back, sprinting thru the wired floor and knifed me, I made sure to check: he did not have Dead Silence, and I hear absolutely nothing, there was no teammates nearby, no chatter, no gunfire, just background noise, also no callouts of any type or any HUD sound that might hindered the hearing.


      After that time I took the sound of the enemy footsteps more seriously: as long as there's a teammate walking nearby, I can hear his footsteps very loudly, but when it comes to enemies, I only hear them if I can see them (I can only hear them if they would appear on a Com Sat with only one of them active).


      Due to lack of devices, my audio output is Stereo uncompressed right from the HDMI cable into a LED, into a headphone to my ears. I'm told surround let's you know the exact position of someone; so my question here is:


      Am I lacking a serious sound device ? Like, should I use the digital audio cable into a device that supports surround ? Because I have no such type of sound devices, nor truly know them; I knew with stereo only I would have some sound issues, but the lack of enemies footstep is a grievous one.