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    Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

      Okay, I get it, chrome lined is a new attachment and you want everyone to play with their shiny new toys, but seriously guys? 850 kills seems like a bit much. Think we could get a patch to knock that number down to something like, say, 350 or 250 instead? In MW2 the One Shot challenges were only about 300 if I recall properly, why the heck do we need to have 850 kills now, especially given the fact snipers are very situational weapons (if used properly, that means NOT running around 360 noscoping people) and aren't always appropriate.


      Please, IW/Activision, drop that number down to something reasonable! I'd like my ghillie suit without having to spend a billion hours slaving over the game playing domination sitting on my ass picking people off and having to leave the point capping to my (usually) fallible teammates (hence why I run overkill with an SMG with my sniper class, so I have the versatility needed to adapt to any situation as I play lots of Domination).


      Please? Pretty please guys? Cause that 850 with an attachment that actually makes snipers LESS accurate even WITH focus is a bit much IMO.

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