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        All right just watched the new show and clearly the best show of the season. Nice to see that Centipede, hopefully they are Hydra, is the big bad and that they are really, really dangerous. Great to see them bring back the guy they saved in the first episode and that he still has his super strength. Loved the little humor when he asked if he broke Cap's record, "Not even close", lol. They also gave Coulsen a very big heart in this show and I appreciated that he is becoming a more fleshed out character.


        Still really struggle with Skye and just wish she was gone. I just cannot get into her at all and find her whole orphan thing and finding her parents thing boring and cliched. I almost applauded when May verbally tore Skye a new one and didn't feel a bit sorry for her when she was crying in her room. Does that make a bad guy? The only other issue I had with the show was why would Ward put himself in a spot where there is a tanker in the way of the exchange, that really makes no sense?


        Poe as a bad guy could be good, he has a bit of that cold blooded reptilian thing going and Rose is pretty chilling as well. Had some really good twists and thought the whole end scene was intense, cool and loved the fact that they got Coulsen and just seemed ready for whatever Shield would do. Is Mike dead, Ward hurt or worse, where is Coulsen, how will May lead the team? Lots of great questions for the mid season cliffhanger. Really love the show of emotion on May's face when the truck and then car exploded when she thought Coulsen and Mike were dead. Then her look turns to one of steely resolve, a look that Ming Na does well, lol.


        The Ward-May relationship seems to be going the way we thought but a bit of a twist there when Ward explains his actions and basically tells her that he isn't a love sick puppy and then to see that May cares a little more for Ward then she is letting on.


        Overall the best episode of the season, good bad guys, high stakes, backs against the wall. How will the team respond? Interested in your guy's thoughts.

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          Would you guys watch the show already!! Lol.

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            Haha, I'll check it out tomorrow and post my thoughts!

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              So, I watched it like a week ago... and then final papers happened.  And then I got lazy and didn't post anything...


              Mike was pretty awesome in this episode.  It totally made sense that he'd be worried about how his son saw him basically as a monster before, and it was really interesting to see how he gave up Coulson to save his kid.  He clearly didn't want to, but he thought it was his only option to save his kid.  It's really a cool example of an ordinary person in a crazy situation.  Also, the part with Fitzsimmons and Mike was kinda hilarious and awkward at the same time. 


              The Ward and May thing is going in a pretty interesting direction so far.  It was cool to see how they both try to act all tough about it and all that. 


              That ending was pretty crazy.  Mike was getting cool, so I don't want him to die!  But it makes a lot of sense that he would, since he's not exactly part of the team and all that.  That's gotta be a tough night for that kid then.  Not too many kids see their dad get blown up.  I assume Ward will be okay, or they would've played it up a lot more.  And it'll be cool to see how Coulson plays into Centipede's plans.  It pretty much has to be related to how he was "revived," and it'll be nice to finally get into that issue.  We need to get rid of all these secrets that every character seems to have. Secrets don't make interesting stories, after all.  It's more important that the character's are still interesting after they stop being mysterious than it is for them to be mysterious in the first place. 


              But, overall, it was pretty fun and totally opens up a chance for some craziness in the second half of the season. 

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                Yeah they need to do some flashbacks to reveal back story and get us more involved with the characters. Time unpeel the onion and let us in. Hopefully they make it bigger and better in the second half. I wish Mike would replace Skye too bad she didn't blow up, lol.

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                  New episode pretty solid and I didn't hate the Skye storyline, lol. Some freaky stuff with Coulsen still not sure what the heck is going on with him but they do have one pretty creepy scene with him that is a bit disturbing. I liked it and have come to accept the show for what it is and what it is not.

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                    I really didn't like this episode.  It was another case of them trying to reveal bits and pieces of stuff instead of just putting it all out on the table.  We didn't really learn anything about Coulson other than that his return from death was super painful.  That scene was pretty creepy, like you said, but I feel like it didn't really do anything other than add some shock value (which means it added nothing because shock value is lame).  They need to figure out that characters are more interesting when you know more about them, not less.


                    I actually thought the Skye storyline was pretty bad.  For one, she was the only person who could hack into the guy's financial information and find Coulson that way?  Don't regular cops do that?  Somehow, SHIELD can't do that, though?  And I feel like Skye pretending to be May had potential to be hilarious, but it wasn't really at all. 


                    I really liked how bad Simmons was at lying, though.  That was pretty funny in an episode that tried to be darker and more serious (two things I don't really look for in a show, so maybe that explains why I didn't like this episode).  More Fitz and Simmons would've helped this episode, I think, since they were pretty much missing most of the time.  It was interesting to see how Fitz reacted a little more angrily to Coulson being taken that Simmons, actually.  They are separate people, after all!

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                      Okay I'm chuckling a bit as I have decided to ease up on the criticism of the show since I have come to accept its mediocrity and Rogue goes and bashes it, lol. I cannot disagree with a lot of what you have to say. I guess Skye is the only computer expert in all of Shield they have no other agents who can hack, so yeah that is just bad writing no doubt. I did laugh when she said she was May for a moment a chuckle escaped me. I also agree they really shed no light on what really happened to Coulsen if he was dead for days how did they resurrect him in the first place to start messing with his brain?


                      However all that being said my new approach to the show of just accepting that it will not be that good helped me at least enjoy the episode with all of its flaws and failures.

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                        I'm not really looking to bash the show or anything.  I just thought it was a really lame episode, and I sure hope there aren't too many like it.  Though the preview for next week's episode talking about how whatever happened to Skye's mom is "so horrible she couldn't imagine it" didn't look too promising.  I was really thinking the part with Skye pretending to be May was going to be funny, but she didn't really do a hilariously over-the-top impression of May like I hoped she was going to.  That would've been awesome.  Hopefully, they'll start revealing all the stuff behind the mysteries in the show now that we're in the second half of the season, though.  Fitz and Simmons are probably my two favorite characters at this point, and you know what they have in common (besides almost everything)?  They don't have a mysterious past or anything.  The whole mystery angle makes it hard to get to know any of the characters, which is important in any story. 

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                          Oh Rogue you are a hater admit it, lol. I am seriously trying to just let the show be what it is at this point. I have reset my expectations really low. Skye is just a terrible character and the amount of effort the writers have to go to shoehorn here in to the show is ridiculous and time consuming. Would be much better if they just jettisoned her, get it, and introduce another character or two who are actually shield agents and are interesting.

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