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        50. Re: What happend to the good old days of cod

        TOLAND wrote:


        I can't recall anybody from IW saying Ghosts was going to run on a new engine.  All interviews I saw or read mentioned how they redesigned the existing engine to maximize performance and allow them to do things they could not previously do.  Could you please post an interview or article where someone who works for IW made this claim.  You should provide proof if you are going to lob accusations of fraud.  That's a fairly serious charge in the real world.

        CoD Ghosts: STILL Using the Same Engine - YouTube



        Here is Eric Hirshberg (CEO of Activision)  start watching at 11:00 minutes in

        Call of Duty: Ghosts - Multiplayer Reveal - YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wfym7fs-6w0

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          51. Re: What happend to the good old days of cod

          TOLAND wrote:


          The Samsung Note 2 is better for business applications than the Ipad.  I should know, I'm on a committee at my company to write the plan to perform this exact transition.  Technology changes and this changes how people work and play.  I remember carbon copies.  Ever wonder why when you copy someone on an e-mail it says cc:?  CC used to mean carbon copy.  Nasty stuff, left your hands black!


          So get ready to do everything on a tablet-type device in the very near future.  It's a brave new world.

          You are never going to achieve the same productivity level with a 10" tablet that you could with a PC with dual monitors. Tablets have their uses in the business world but not meant to replace the pc.

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            52. Re: What happend to the good old days of cod

            Well, now I see where the confusion comes from.  Thanks for posting that.  I can imagine they had plenty of internal discussions to discuss this.  Unfortunate it was ever said.  My apologies, this is a legit complaint if people bought the game based off this one statement.  Has anyone written a formal complaint to the company asking for a clarification of why this was touted without the qualifications that it was the same, but modified engine?

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              53. Re: What happend to the good old days of cod

              I love my dual monitors as well, but you are forgetting all the other equipment that tablets will replace.  Scanners, faxes, desk phones, etc.


              You can attach a mouse and keyboard to anything.  My network implementation manager does all his work on a tablet at this point.  By the way, he's over 50, so age has nothing to do with it.


              Most younger employees really are excited about the new direction.  I'm old-school, but even I can see the benefits will outweigh the negatives.


              At least in my industry, productivity will go up.  Desktops are like balls and chains for what we do.


              We shall see.

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                54. Re: What happend to the good old days of cod

                I agree.  I played Dome for days on end.  I barely touch Ghosts.  As a matter of fact, I'd rather spend my time complaining about Ghosts than actually playing it!  I'm not even a huge fan of typing outside of work.  It baffles my mind that this series has yet to get better.  A few moments ago, I complained about having two different development houses working on the versions of the franchise.  I think that is only a small part of the problem.


                I think the larger issue is that no one wants to take accountability for wanting to make this a better product.  It is almost like the folks who design it don't even play it.   (Even typing that seems weird).


                But, I just don't know how else to describe the disconnect, disenchantment, and disinterest I feel about the series where it stands today after suffering through BOPS2 and Ghosts.  I feel like I have grown older, yet the series has not grown with me. Instead, I'm left with memories I have had of past matches...like the first time I got the final kill with a Stealth Bomber in MW3 or the first time I fried someone with flamethrower in the original Black Ops.


                Where is that sense of ingenuity and creativity now?  Just because the original designers of the franchise are gone, does that mean that no one left has any good ideas?   I can't stand the how concept of squad points and the new perk and leveling up system.   As far as I'm concerned, the perk system has not improved since Black Ops.  Yet, people continually say it has improved.  That puzzles me.  And what good is the idea of playing with a clan if no one wants to play the game?   Lobbies stay empty. 


                The months ahead look bleak.  My only hope is that Titanfall will at least give me an excuse to fire up a new game on my PC again (assuming my PC is strong enough to run it).   However, as the owner of a shiny new PS4 that collects dust, I doubt I'll be spending an additional $500 to bring home an Xbox One just to play it - even if my PC can't handle it.


                Yet, it pisses me off to no end that Activision decided to jump back into bed with Microsoft on bringing elements of the game to their console first.  But, maybe I should redirect that anger at Sony for initially  being complete jerk-offs with the PS3.  They made their bed and they laid down in it.


                At least now, they seem ready to stop sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on as punishment.  They seem sincere in wanting to make the PS4 the better system.


                I just wish I had this same level of sincerity from Activision.

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                  55. Re: What happend to the good old days of cod

                  youtube ruined call of duty. people no longer care about playing the game. they care about watching top players and sub par commentators with biased opinions. then they repeat those opinions as fact and instead of spending time to learn the game they ignore choice and only use a specific setup given to them in a video. this is a fact. even MW2 plays much worse than it used to because a lot of players follow a formula style of play rather than experimenting or working as a team.


                  one reason i liked whiteboy7thst is because he takes unorthadox setups for his gameplays with dual wield weapons, pistols, ect. I find that much more entertaining than watching a camper complain about how the game is boring and slow.

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                    56. Re: What happend to the good old days of cod

                    I thought you were going to say that in cod 2, gun skill, map awareness and reaction time won the day, in cod 4, gun skill, map awareness, reaction time and the now relative need to learn spawns won the day. Similarly the next couple of cods needed the same criteria to come out on top, and you rarely felt cheated when loosing a gun fight.


                    You know where this is going, connections are once again trash, pointless playing if you value your sanity.

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