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    Help pls !

      Hello everyone


      i just bought the game , exited for the zombie only because i'm an old zombie player (BO1) , So i have a question and i hope i ll find the answer here


      i can buy 1 DLC Only , i have nuketown , so i need u guys to tell me which map is good to buy? (Zombie for sure)


      From The popularity , and the fun and guns


      Popularity i mean most played , because when i need to start finding a match , won't take a long time


      i saw a video for origins , and i liked it , so is there alot of players playing it?


      and thanks ^_^


      PS : I'm a PC Player , i know maps don't change , but need to see what map is famous on the PC ^^

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          Re: Help pls !

          it seems that bo2 is not very popular on PC


          i recommend messaging forum members:








          and ask them directly which PC map is most popular

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              Re: Help pls !

              Okey , Ty for the answer , its bad to hear that its not popular xD , in the steam community , it has 1000 In game now , thats not really bad ^^ , anyway i'm a big fan of Zombie mod <3


              still looking for some PC Players Answer , Ty anyway ^^

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                  Re: Help pls !

                  Origins is broken on PC. There is literally a ton of bugs on it that have not and will not be addressed. I purchased it on release day and have only played Origins on PC twice since then. Both games saw me confronted with issues like staff parts glitching out, other parts not being able to be picked up, and thus rendering the EE impossible to complete.


                  Other issues include, invisible Panzers, random game crashes, sound glitches and poor frame rate issues despite my hardware being MORE than capable of running the game on max settings.


                  This is not happening with just me either. There has been several PC players who have had issues with Origins, and as such, I would not recommend it.

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                Re: Help pls !

                Not too sure about PC, as I play it on Xbox. But I imagine it'll be about the same. My opinion, the best to get would be Mob. The few players still playing have been about even on Mob and Origins....Origins is fun too, it's kind of a toss up really. Origins is a bit more challenging, and I think Mob has a better layout and atmosphere. Plus with Mob you get grief, which is really the only fun map to play grief on in my opinion. No Jugg, added Flopper, and Brutus. Makes for some pretty intense grief matches.

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                  Re: Help pls !

                  Highly highly suggest buying Origins, it's just amazing.

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                    Re: Help pls !

                    Playstation opinions


                    • Revolution: Die Rise was a pretty good map, but it lost its value pretty quick. Diner's Turned lets you play as the zombie trying to eat the lone human alive. That one was also in the "meh-boat."
                    • Uprising: Mob of the Dead and Cell Block were AMAZING plays. Definitely look into getting this one.
                    • Vengeance: Buried was awesome and if you download that one you get the Ray Gun Mark II in all other maps. If you haven't heard about the upgrade on the Ray Gun, look that one up too
                    • Apocalypse: Origins is pretty fun, and it has the Original 4 from Black Ops, but like TEX said, get with one of those users, as they have PC copies, if I'm not mistaken.
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                      Re: Help pls !

                      I Think i ll go For origins , saw alot of videos of it and really liked it ^^


                      Thanks all for the reply

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                          Re: Help pls !

                          I Really wouldn't if I was you.. As DBZ stated it is buggy as hell on PC, almost unplayable, there is a thread on these forums regarding problems with origins, it has a **** ton of bugs listed there, I highly rate the map (ps3) but if going for PC then you have the raygun mk2 with buried, although it is the easiest zombie map to date IMO if you don't mind limiting yourself and making it more difficult by not using bank and fridge etc it can be lots of fun

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                          Re: Help pls !

                          If you want tons of maps FREE you should just buy CoD WaW on PC, there are countless maps running awesome mods, some are far better quality than that of Bo2 maps. I highly recommend buying it.

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