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        40. Re: Why do people HACK?

        Had a few minute too spare before hitting the land off ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ so I decided to check out the leader boards last night and tbh could not believe my eyes how stupid some people are, i.e decided too check out the profiles off a few off the top 10 in the rankings because off their GT's which looked kind off weird and, low-and-behold some where offering to "alter" your stats for a fixed fee, one person was offering everything but the kitchen sink with a guarantee (yeah right).


        One would think that these people would be removed form the listings for a clear breach off T&C's but I'm sure those whom monitor the leader boards are very busy sipping fizzy water and puffing on a Hamlet number 6 and counting the $$$

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          41. Re: Why do people HACK?

          If someone has in their Bio something that is a violation it is NOT Activisions job to punish them because they have a violation in their Bio. It is MICROSOFTS job. It is not a violation of the game to have an improper Bio. Show me where in the Ghosts Online CoC that it says you will get banned or reset for your Bio.


          So what you need to do it properly report them to Microsoft. Problem is that people do too much complaining and not proper reporting.

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            42. Re: Why do people HACK?

            they apply the hacks on the PS3 version then transfer the stats and mods like all perks to PS4 also lag switches work the same on PS4 not to mention all the sad losers in life spawn trapping people. So many times I have joined a game where im constantly being killed within seconds before I can even aim or shoot.


            But on a good note Black OPS 2 which I like more than Ghosts anyway is now clear of all these little pathetic losers because they are on Ghosts now

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              43. Re: Why do people HACK?

              I'm just about over my flu bug. And I still haven't started smoking again (it's been like three years!). So I'm not hacking like I was. It got a little nasty for a while. Lugies & all.

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                44. Re: Why do people HACK?

                man where can a normal guy like me get a special friends and privileges pass?

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                  45. Re: Why do people HACK?

                  Try a dating site...

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                    46. Re: Why do people HACK?

                    Being a PS4 Topic you probably mean Sony.


                    Also I think the post was trying to convey the fact that he wasn't even trying and he found a hacker in the top 10 leader board who was admitting he was a hacker by advertising on his profile that he hacks.


                    In real law admission of guilt is sufficient evidence to being guilty. Maybe not by Activisions standards, or maybe they just don't do anything proactive in terms of discouraging hackers. The real message IW and Activision are sending by allowing this leaderboard advertising is "We aren't doing much to stop hackers" which I think is pretty obvious anyway.

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                      47. Re: Why do people HACK?

                      Sorry , I did mean Sony. Forgot it was a PS4 thread.


                      But in either case admission of guilt doesnt matter here because Activision does not and cannot punish you for violations in your Bio. They dont have the policy nor are they held responsible for your Bio.


                      This isnt real law. Xbox Live and the PSN are privatly owned services that do not operate under the laws of County State or Federal laws. They have their own governing set of rules. Like for example in America under certain circumstances you have free speech. But in XBL and PSN you gave up your right to free speech when you agreed to their terms.


                      They arent allowing for someone to advertise on the leaderboards. You have to go WAY out of your way to read their bio.


                      And Activision has NO way of banning a player from XBL or the PSN. Activision doesnt write the rules or own the service of XBL or the PSN. hence they cant make a decision.


                      As for them not doing anything you just dont see it. I see "Why was I banned" threads here almost everyday. What people need to do is stop "stalking" the players they report.


                      If you were to report every single person that you know to the police that smoke pot I can bet you the cops will only arrest about 20 percent or less. So does that mean that the cop allow pot on our streets ? I see crime out there everyday on the news. So does that mean crime is legal now ?


                      You can stop everybody.


                      on the side of PSN and XBL....


                      If you ever worked something as repetitive as policing a game you would have to know that you have a very limited time to handle each case. Lets take the case of Iphone for example where they outsource their call handling procedures. At Iphone you have to listen to a 3 second iteration that says "My phones broken" and select the proper way to route that call. In this case they have to do around 10 to 15 per minute or they get fired.


                      They do NOT have the time to look for where the gamer cheated. Like for example if you report a guy straight off the leaderboard, they CANT ban him for being on top of the leaderboard they have to find the EXACT game he cheated in to ban him. And in the 10 to 30 seconds they have to handle each case they dont have the time to search for details. Let say you worked for them and you got called in the bosses office and got written up for handling only 5 reports in an hour, do you think your excuse that you really want to prevent people hacking is going to save your job when your quota to KEEP your job is 120 reports an hour ?


                      In a LOT of cases in this world you cant just be on the outside looking in, you have to consider what is going on beyond that window that you are peeking in.

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                        48. Re: Why do people HACK?

                        I know your on a bit starbuck because I see your name a lot. However I don't see many "Why was I banned threads" maybe I am not looking hard enough, maybe one of us is exaggerating a little?


                        Nice post but your point actually conflicts with your argument. They are private and can write their own "rules", meaning that can ban who they want for whatever. Maybe not to that extent, I think law can get involved in there somewhere. But your point is valid nothing stops them banning someone if they admit to hacking. So why don't they do it? Why do they make such a big deal about "We investigate every game etc." They could ban or stat reset the top of the leader board and everyone except cheaters would be happy.


                        Bio should be enough and I am sure is enough they are just not that smart or dedicated to cause.

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                          49. Re: Why do people HACK?

                          While I am at it starbuck


                          You write a great point about the amount of effort Activision go through to identify hackers. All that repetition, quotas, replaying/monitoring games to manually watch what happens and see if someone is cheating... Sounds like something you could write a program for... If only Activision had some software developers they could really make that job easy....


                          How hard is it really to write something that analysed the game after someone reported someone to see if something didn't add up... Hold on that glayer had all perks... um ban him. Hold on that player scored 200000 points on a kill - Subtract score of that game from that player.


                          Its a joke how Activision expect me to swallow they are proactive about this. I will accept they are not idiots which means they are deliberately doing as little as possible. Same as they have with all their other titles, they just don't care, never have, never will...

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