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        90. Re: k/d ratio

        will give it a go thanks ..

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          91. Re: k/d ratio

          im not understanding this logic, how can you be good at something, but cannot manage the stats to show it?


          like saying im good at basketball, but cannot make a shot to save my life..

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            92. Re: k/d ratio

            i think that is my problem get a kill then rush in ..trying to be  a bit tactical now  ? I think its working ?now and again im getting more kills than deaths . which is  very rare for me  LOL .REGARDS ... 

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              93. Re: k/d ratio

              Tried mtar good weapon  using  it taken out secondary weapon and some other gear to give me more perks .

              good call thanks ..

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                94. Re: k/d ratio

                my K/D is 3. something last time I look on TDM I mostly play solo and I normly look at lobby LB to see K/D of the other players normly ppl are below 1 and if im lucky ill find 2+ now and then but thay never stick around.


                so avage on TDM is below 1 for most players but that's not good as it means your costing your team

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                  95. Re: k/d ratio

                  "The guys that are 1-1.25 are actually really good players"... i have a 1.253 % and i think im ok at this game but far from really good. this is the highest ive had. i just started playing fist person shooters with the end of mw2,so im still learning

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                    96. Re: k/d ratio

                    the quickest and fastest way to boost your kd ratio.. is to start to play slow and smooth because in the end smooth is fast. Tip if you dont use stalker try to use it and keep your ADS as you walk out of a corner will increase your chances of winning a gunfight coming around a corner a lot more then people give it credit. Another small tip is to stop running everywhere honestly most of peoples deaths come from not being able to raise their gun before they are killed because they were sprinting. mix playing smart to knowing the maps and when to choose your gunfights you will get a good postive ratio mine is currently at a 2.16 not the best but not the worse either.


                    also most underrated gun at the moment is the FAD try it and love it.


                    psn cimtex

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                      97. Re: k/d ratio

                      I call a average kd ratio at least a 1. Then the above average are like 2 and higher,but once you get to the 4s and 5s i call that elite status.

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                        98. Re: k/d ratio

                        I'm with this guy. I started at around the same time. I'm at a 1.18 I think, might be higher if I'd played more non-objective gametypes, but I do like me some Dom and when I play Blitz I forget KD and focus on running a train to get the most caps possible. I think my best Blitz game was 7-0 with 10 caps. Yes the other team was horribad


                        But yes, 1.18 and I'd say average, to very good when I'm on a roll

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                          99. Re: k/d ratio

                          I always wondered why people are so hung up on K/D ratio. It only tells you that you actually get more kills than deaths. That's all. It doesn't necessarily show how good you are.


                          I've played matches where at the end I had 8 kills and 2 deaths; giving me a 4.0 K/D. The top player had 23 kills and 10 deaths; which is a 2.3 K/D. Who's the better player?

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